Video: Telling Canadian stories. Telling CanadianS stories. Stories that travel the world.

From The Writers Guild of Canada:

Telling Canadian Stories. Telling Canadians Stories. On all screens.

Canadian screenwriters write for all screens bringing a Canadian point of view to Canadian and worldwide audiences. If we don’t tell our own stories, who will? In this video, Metis screenwriter Penny Gummerson talks about growing up in the north, her search for meaning and why she writes about family, healing and home.

Canadian screenwriters are among the best. They’re the only creators who reflect a Canadian perspective for audiences at home and around the globe — on all screens. And we want to share our pride in Canadian screenwriters with every Canadian.

The Writers Guild of Canada is proud to present the first in a short series of animated videos featuring Canadian screenwriters sharing personal anecdotes. You’ll find out why they’re passionate about what they do, and where they live. First, Penny Gummerson. She’s an award-winning Métis screenwriter (Strange Empire, Arctic Air, Heartland, Moccasin Flats).

As the Department of Canadian Heritage wraps its “Canadian Content in a Digital World” consultations, and on the eve of the CRTC’s group-licence renewals, it’s timely to celebrate and promote Canadian screenwriters. After all, watching screen-based entertainment is phenomenally popular, and we all want to make sure the work of our Canadian screenwriters continues to be watched at home and world-wide.


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  1. I’m looking forward to this. As a mom of 3 with an 8-month-old, I am 3 months away from going back to work and dreading it. I was really not liking my job towards the end before I went on mat leave. I’m interested in seeing a comedic take on the whole experience.

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