Link: Dismantling or diminishing CBC is the most elitist position of all

From John Doyle of The Globe and Mail:

Link: Dismantling or diminishing CBC is the most elitist position of all
Leitch and Bernier are clueless. Television is the most important, influential storytelling medium of our time. Understanding it and why it has impact is rather necessary information to have, prior to denouncing any area of it. In the specific matter of CBC TV, to cite one example, Kim’s Convenience is not forgettable, irrelevant, or badly made; nor is it, in Bernier’s phrase, an example of “bad Canadian copies of popular American shows.” Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Link: Dismantling or diminishing CBC is the most elitist position of all”

  1. I can’t stand Kelly Leitch. She’s by far the worst Conservative party leadership candidate and Maxime Bernier comes a close second. I’m an NDP member although as a Western Canadian I pay close attention to anything that happens in the Conservative party which seems to represent Westerners (as opposed to the Liberal Party which people here see as an Eastern Canada & Vancouver party). However, her sentiments about the CBC aren’t just a oneoff idea by her. On the prairies there’s a lot of anti-CBC sentiment. CBC is viewed (and not unfairly) as an Eastern (particularily as Toronto/Montreal) media outlet. News stories on CBC’s news channel are often Toronto-centric and Western news stories are done rather poorly. CBC’s Power and Politics, in particular, is awful for being very one-sided. I’ve heard several people sharing their disdain for the CBC over the years and it’s not just from crazy Trump-hicks like Kelly Leitch. This issue of CBC’s importance seems to be a regional issue. Its interesting that John Doyle says CBC is not important to Montreal/Toronto and more integral to rural Canada when the opposite is thought in my neck of the woods.

  2. The CBC totally fails it’s mandate. What most people refuse to understand though is that it is a deliberate conspiracy by the over 3 million dual-citizenship Americans who own, control, and run Canada for American benefit, not Canadians.

  3. We’re actually lizard people Stevie. And we’re outside your house. Better hide in the basement. We’re about to ring your bell.

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