Shoot the Messenger sprints towards the finale

OK, so I was wrong. Last week, I proposed that Hassan survived his tumble off the Scarborough Bluffs while he tried to escape the mystery man carrying the gun on Shoot the Messenger. Instead, he died and the phone has fallen into someone else’s hands … it was revealed Phil Hardcastle—working at the behest of Lawson—was the guy with the gun and, for now, the phone.

That wasn’t the only big-time revelation uncovered in “Darkness Comes to Light.” Sam, after being confronted by Daisy regarding his relationship with Khaalid and thrown out of his office, admitted the truth to Chloe that he is bisexual. (She did not, it should be noted, end her relationship with Sam and stood by him.) Of course, it only took the length of a cab ride back to the office before Simon was called into Mary’s office and grilled about why Sam’s attorney had called, threatening to sue The Gazette.


The surprises continued down the line, with Lutz telling Daisy that Hassan was dead, and Daisy relaying to Lutz the contents of the phone video. After all that work and digging for the truth, The Gazette didn’t break the story about Sam and Khaalid; that fell to Ruckus 247, a gossip website. Kudos to Sam for keeping a brave face on after coming out of the bathroom and seeing his staff stare at him. Not only is his secret uncovered but his ascent to the prime minister’s office isn’t happening. Despite Ruckus 247 breaking the Sam-Khaalid video, the official story containing details into the super jail, funnelled cash and other war room notes leading to murder that hasn’t come to light, and Simon, Daisy and Mary put things in high gear to write it all up. A court injunction is keeping the lid on The Gazette for now, but I’m pretty sure it will all come out.

Meanwhile, Ortiz and Lutz squared up with guns and gangs to take aim at Lawson while Sam met with him to discuss the destruction of the cell phone. Throw a former—supposedly crooked cop—twisted cottage parties and Hardcastle’s arrest, and Shoot the Messenger is headed for an explosive season finale next week.

Shoot the Messenger‘s season finale airs next Monday at 9 p.m. on CBC.