A horrible sacrifice is made on Travelers

Before we head into a preview of Monday’s new episode of Travellers, a quick look back at last week’s. Entitled “Donner,” it portrayed the first real threat the travellers have faced regarding being exposed as folks from the future.

Donner (played by the always great Jason Gray-Stanford) had his brain fried upon entry to 2016 and—in a dramatic scene—dished on the travellers to a tribunal. All seemed lost … until it was revealed the room was full of travellers. Clearly, their numbers are greater than we first imagined. We also got a peek at what happens when your transfer doesn’t stick: you get rebooted.

Now, on to “Bishop.” Here’s what the official episode synopsis says:

The Director orders an assassination and MacLaren is kept on a tight leash.

And, after watching a screener, here’s what else we can tell you.

Travellers shakes things up
What’s become the standard cold open for Travellers—a person dies and a traveller assumes their consciousness—takes a sharp right turn in “Bishop,” setting the tone for later dramatics.

David gets serious
We were wondering when David would decide errant kisses and touches from Marcy wasn’t enough and started asking her tough questions. That happens tonight and he gives her an ultimatium.

Jeff confronts MacLaren
We knew this was coming and it finally happens. The two men who love Carly have a chat over who deserves her most. Jeff exits the talk with a chip on his shoulder and goes for MacLaren’s weak spot.

MacLaren flies solo
After being given an item to hold onto, MacLaren is informed he’s boarding an airplane and seated next to a man named, you guessed it, Bishop. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for MacLaren to be on the plane, until Bishop makes a phone call that ties him back to the episode’s opening scene. And, as it turns out, MacLaren couldn’t have chosen a worse flight to be on.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Showcase.

Images courtesy of Corus.