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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when we celebrate family and the spirit of giving. As a thanks to all of the Murdoch Mysteries fans who read our reviews and interviews, we’re giving away one (1) copy of Investigating Murdoch Mysteries: The Official Companion to the Series.

Written by Murdoch Mysteries co-executive producer Michelle Ricci and Mir Bahmanyar, and with a forward by Maureen Jennings, it makes the perfect Christmas gift for any fan.

How can you win this awesome book? Simply comment below, describing your most memorable Christmas ever. It could be a great present you gave or received, or maybe it was just being with your family. Murdoch Mysteries gives us fantastic stories every week, and we’d like to hear yours.

We’ll pick a winner on Friday, Dec. 16, at noon ET and will make the announcement on this page. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Peggy Salazar! She’s the random winner of a copy of Investigating Murdoch Mysteries: The Official Companion to the Series. A sincere thank you to everyone who shared their Christmas story on this page.

And don’t forget: Murdoch Mysteries‘ “Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas” airs Monday, Dec. 12, at 8 p.m. on CBC.


20 thoughts on “Win a copy of Investigating Murdoch Mysteries!”

  1. My most favorite Christmas was when I was a kid. We had the nicest grandparents in the world. We where so blessed.

  2. my best xmas was last year because after 15 years all my kids and grandchildren were together for the holidays. they were spread all over canada but made it home

  3. Circa 1960
    My older cousins had told me there was no such thing as Santa Claus, that is was really my Mom and Dad…
    I needed to know, to investigate that possibility.
    Christmas Eve, my older brothers and I put out our stockings and I put out milk and cookies for Santa and an onion for Rudolph. Please note: an ONION for Rudolph !! IF Santa was really my father, there was NO WAY he would eat an onion.
    Christmas morning we all went downstairs to discover Santa had brought us exactly what we had wanted for Christmas !! I had been a good girl and Santa had brought me the Moonbaby doll I had wanted. I was just SO happy ! But then I remembered the snack I had left out for Santa…and felt terrible. How mean and ungrateful was I for trying to trick Santa. The milk and cookies were gone..AND SO WAS THE ONION !!! There really was a Santa !!! My cousins were WRONG !
    Too bad I saw it … when we were cleaning up the garbage, the kitchen garbage..the ONION
    I didn’t say a word…
    until 50 years later, a few weeks before my Dad died. I told him when and how I found out about Santa and he laughed and said “Yes, your mother gave me hell for not putting it back in the onion bin !”
    They knew… I knew…. but Santa always came to our house even though I had investigated and solved that mystery.
    Merry Christmas !!

  4. I have been lucky enough to share many lovely Christmas mornings with my family. The most memorable was probably when I finally got my Cabbage Patch Doll – there were fights over those things! It was my dad who touched my heart by wanting to come over every year to watch his grandchildren open stockings. Despite his ever usually being up before 9, my dad would wake up at 6:30 to come over, obviously exhausted, but enjoying being able to share in their joy. A special time I will always treasure now that he’s passed.

  5. My favourite Christmas memory is from when I was a little girl at my grandparents little house with my aunts uncles and all my cousins. So much fun just being a family.

  6. My favourite Christmas memory is when I was 6. I got the new Loblaws doll. She was almost as big as me and I put my own clothes on her. She also had serious hair that I loved to brush. What was best was when we came down stairs and my doll was front and center and my sister thought it was hers and she is 4 years older than me.

  7. My best Christmas present ever was a doll that was taller than I was. I was 4 yrs old, and it was our second Chistmas in Canada (we’re from Ireland). The doll was magical to me — it could even walk, if you pulled it the right way.

    My mother “confessed” to me many years later that she had used Gold Bond stamps (anyone remember those?) to get our gifts that year because she couldn’t afford to buy good gifts that year. She was embarrassed to tell me, but I assured her that I thought that was brilliant, that it made the memory even more special, as I remember spending evenings put to work with my brother to lick the stamps and put them into the books she would take to the store to order things she wanted.

  8. My best Christmas was in the 1970s when my whole family (Mum, Dad, brother and sister, two grandmothers and myself) spent a very Australian Christmas at the Geelong Waterfront at Geelong’s famed Eastern Park!

  9. I remember one Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Routledge ‘s where I took a picture of Grandma basting the turkey with my first camera I had gotten that year. I still have the picture although faded but still freah in my nind.

  10. 1950’s, room was sparkling with lights, candles and tinsel. We lived on the third floor of an old house on Dovercourt in Toronto and it was snowing very very heavy outside. Being a European family we celebrated Christmas eve. I sat on the floor all dressed up handsome as a young boy should while Santa in his red suit and boots came into our apartment and gave me gifts only if I had been good all year oh and after singing a few songs for the big man. Then as he left, I ran to the window and looked out … to see Santa get into my dad’s old Buick and drive away… now I was very confused and suspicious.

    I still believe in Santa.

  11. My best Christmas was the year we put up a real tree. First it was to big to fit in the house so Dad had to cut some of the end of the tree while it was stuck in the doorway of the house. Then we did not know that there could be spiders in the tree. How we found was we had turn off all the lights and was looking at the Christmas tree lights by the light from the fire, when I looked up onto the ceiling and there where all kinds of little spiders on the ceiling. Let’s just say there where no living spiders after that night and no live Christmas trees after that year.

  12. A favorite childhood memory of Christmas, was waking up VERY early Christmas morning, so my Dad could watch us open our presents before he went to work. Them Mom would send him off to work with a kiss and a big batch of home made cinnamon buns for the rest of the fire fighters, because she believed everyone who had to work on Christmas deserved a special treat. Then we would help Mom (as best as 4 little kids could) get Christmas dinner ready. When Dad got home, we would all dress up and share Christmas dinner together.

  13. My favourite Christmas memory is of our family sitting down to Christmas dinner together….the smell of turkey and rice stuffing and fresh rolls. My mom made the best gravy in the world and her rice stuffing was incredible. We would all talk and laugh together. This will be our family’s 2nd Christmas without my mom and it just isn’t the same. What I wouldn’t give for another Christmas with her.

  14. In July 1960, I was 7 years old and my brother Andy was 16. He got a summer job on a farm which would take him to the fall when he planned to enlist in the Army. On the 21st, he was driving a fairly big tractor with a 7-foot hay mower hooked behind. Andy had used a tractor before, but he hadn’t done that sort of work. As he went to make a turn, the end of the mower’s cutting bar caught the page-wire fence. The tractor was pulled around and Andy was thrown off. The big wheel of the tractor went over Andy’s upper back, then rolled up onto a big post. At that moment he became a paraplegic. Following 5 grueling months of repair and rehab, he returned home from Montreal’s Queen Mary Veteran’s Hospital just in time for Christmas that year. Our family was poor, and my parents weren’t able to visit him often when he was in hospital. They were so happy to have him back. His first Christmas home after the accident was one of my most memorable Christmases … but of course, nothing was ever the same after.

  15. My favorite Christmas were all the Christmases of my childhood. I remember: the snowy weather, the neighborhood shops decorated in garland, tinsel, strings of lights and greenery, picking a tree out in the department store lot and carrying it home, decorating it with silver tinsel and blinking lights and then turning the house lights out so we could ohh and ahh at the dazzling sight – it was all so delightful. Everyone shopped local back then, so you were bound to run into someone you knew and when you did, you greeted them, with a cheery “hello” and you didn’t depart without wishing them a “Merry Christmas”. We didn’t have much back then, making every gift a treasure you couldn’t wait to share and compare with the neighborhood kids the next day. It was all so very different .

    1. Congratulations Peggy! You’re the random winner of Investigating Murdoch Mysteries: The Official Companion to the Series! Look for an email from me in your Inbox so we can work on the shipping details.

  16. We had a tradition that all open gifts would return under the tree for all to see after we opened and played with them, and that was until the tree came down in January.
    With only the tree lights on in the living room I would lay down on the carpet and admire them and myself as the big Christmas balls reflected my face.
    Except for 1955 when on December 23, the only grandparent I had ever known passed away as I came home from school, all my Holidays were great.

  17. The best xmas i can remember was one wher we went to Mum’s bush house in Dayslesford. it was a real family affair and great Aussie xmas under the gum trees,
    lots of Mum’s beautiful home cooking. It was a traditional xmas followed by some wine and beer, soaking up the sunshine, watching the kids playing cricket after lunch, the family love aand laughs we shared on that day still make me smile when I think of it. It was the best being with all the family in the great Aussie bush. sadly it was Mum’s last xmas. So I cherish the memories

  18. I loved leaving milk and cookies out for Santa because I knew it was really my dad. He’d always leave me a note as Santa. Miss him a lot at Christmas.

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