Comments and queries for the week of December 16

Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas a holiday present

Interesting review article. One of the best Murdoch episodes so far. Way to go. Congrats. Merry Christmas. —Tim

Love this show and some hilarious Easter eggs in this episode. —Howie

Loving … and hating … The Goods

I was devoted to Steven and Chris … now loving The Goods! I hope viewers stay with it because it gets better every day. I laugh, I cry and learn lots. What a fun team … keep it up! —Cathy

Love your show, you all make me laugh! Just finished watching and find it refreshing. It was a little stiff in the beginning but now everyone is blending in! Terrific, light, no politics, my new must watch every day for a dose of positive. Jessi adds the perfect touch of comedy. —Barbara

This show is horrible! The change over to each segment is disjointed and choppy. The only chemistry here is that reminiscent of a “bad” science experiment gone wrong. Steven is known for his ability to relate to the audience—sadly that is lacking here. Sorry, nothing good about The Goods here. Won’t be watching this show anymore. —Heather

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