X Company 302: The spies attend a ‘Masquerade’

If there was one major knock against the first season of X Company, it was that its cast was too male-heavy. Yes, Evelyne Brochu is the de facto lead of the ensemble cast, and her character, Aurora, is the undisputed leader of the spy team, but that didn’t change the fact she was surrounded by four male co-stars on the show’s promotional posters. Meanwhile, Lara Jean Chorostecki (Krystina) largely languished in the background, and Livia Matthes (Sabine) appeared in just three episodes.

Fast-forward to Season 3, and Brochu is no longer so alone. Yes, she’s still surrounded on the promotional posters (though now only three-to-one), but Chorostecki and Matthes have been given increasingly complex storylines, and Sara Garcia (Miri) was brought on in Season 2. All four actresses feature prominently in this week’s new episode, “Masquerade,” written by co-executive producer Sandra Chwialkowska, as Aurora tries to rein in Sabine, Krystina interrogates Scubaman (Trevor White), and Neil (Warren Brown) attempts to track down Miri. Plus, Madeleine Knight is introduced as Heidi, a woman who will influence Aurora’s path in Season 3.

What’s behind this glorious increase in female characters? According to Chwialkowska, it’s simple arithmetic.

“I have found over the years working on different television shows that the more women in the [writers’ room], the more female faces end up on screen.” she tells TV-Eh in an upcoming breakdown of the episode.

There were two women in X Company‘s Season 1 writers’ room, including co-creator Stephanie Morgenstern. Season 2 had three women in the room, and Season 3 had four.

Here’s a sneak peek of the episode.

Aurora and Faber dance
Chwialkowska says she dreamed up the idea of Faber and Aurora dancing together in Season 2, and the moment is one of her favourite moments of the series.

“In a way, the whole season is kind of a dance between those two,” she says.

More Krystina
Last season, Krystina had a romance with Tom and took out Klaus Frommer. In “Masquerade,” she faces off with Scubaman in Sinclair’s absence — and Chorostecki shines.

More Sabine
Will Sabine tell her father Franz is working with the Allies? Enjoy the fine work of Livia Matthes as you find out.

What will happen to Miri?
Neil and Harry attempt to rescue Miri — and X Company elevates itself once again.

X Company airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

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