Comments and queries for the week of February 3

Hunting for a Heartland tune
Good morning, I have a question about a particular song that was played in a Heartland at the end of Episode 6 in Season 9. It is called “Everybody Needs Love Today” by Becca Gibson and Michael Logen. I am trying to find this song to purchase and having no luck at all. I was wondering if you can guide me in a right direction? Thank you for your time. —Sharon (Huge fan of Heartland)

Wow, this turned into quite the adventure for me. The only place I was able to find a link to Becca’s song was here. Enjoy!

Hi! My husband and I love Murdoch Mysteries. The show is very simply the best!! Could you please let me know when Thomas Craig, as Inspector Brackenreid, will be returning? We very much miss him! Thank you! —Bonnie

The folks over at Murdoch Mysteries refuse to give me an exact date, but I can confirm Inspector Brackenreid will return before the end of Season 10. 

Would like to know when the series of Bad Blood starts, please? —Sonia

City hasn’t revealed and airdate for the limited-run series yet, but once they do we’ll let you know!

Mary Kills People. What a dumb name for a show. The storyline is dumb as well. Don’t think that show will last. Reality shows are where it’s at. Highway Thru Hell and Heavy Rescue: 401. Mr. D and Schitt’s Creek are the only watchable Canadian-made shows on right now. Sad :( —Karen

CBC cancels This Life after two seasons
Unbelievable. Bad decision. Best drama CBC has produced to date. Back into the cobwebs of yesteryear for our national broadcaster. Perhaps Rick Mercer can replace Peter Mansbridge if you need to economize but why cancel a good thing when it’s working????? —Merilyn


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  1. Everyone should watch X Company, and especially episode 304. Like NOW. Art that depicts the state of the world 75 years ago, and today. Which is disturbing.

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