Heartland’s horse heartbreak

Sunday’s episode of Heartland was notable for a couple of reasons. First, it’s the first I’ve been able to review in 2017 (three weeks of vacation means missed write-ups) and secondly, it began with stunning images of Vern’s horse barn burning to the ground.

Yes, “Sounds of Silence” began in a dark place and continued with very little let-up on the emotions as the fallout from the fire was fully realized. How many of Casey and Tim’s horses were in the barn, as was Morgan one of them? Turns out Morgan was the only survivor, but he was in bad shape. Not physically, mind you, but emotionally.

I like it when Heartland explores the darker corners of human and equine life. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I enjoy more than some good, funny scenes between Tim and Jack or feelgood stuff between Ty and Amy, but sobering stories like Sunday’s instalment is necessary. Ken Craw’s script delivered on all counts, from Amy and Jack striving to help Morgan through his trauma to Tim aiding Casey through hers. Everybody was on edge, from the Montana horse owners who lost their animals to Tim, who was determined the rodeo would go on despite the massive losses and feeling personally responsible. (That short scene between Jack and Tim in the kitchen was emotionally raw.)

That didn’t stop some folks from going about their daily lives, however, as Jade roped the television reporter for an interview about her participation in the rodeo. I love Caleb, so having him train Clay and Jade was a definite hoot, particularly his visualization techniques. Of course, the complaining about Caleb caused Jade and Clay to bond and the inevitable kiss. Will they evolve into a full-fledged couple or will their competitive natures (and dodgy moonshine) kill the romance?

As for Ty, a sleepwalking Bob has been keeping him hopping; and Adam was freaking out over feeling different because he has diabetes.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.