X Company 305: Faber’s fate hangs in the balance in “Frontiers”

Last week on X Company, the team suffered another devastating loss when Harry (Connor Price) was killed while helping Jewish prisoners escape from a train. The young radio operator’s loss looms large in this week’s new episode, “Frontiers,” as Alfred (Jack Laskey) and Neil  (Warren Brown) must fight personal feelings in order to free Faber (Torben Liebrecht) from the Polish Resistance, and Camp X learns it has lost another agent. Meanwhile, Aurora (Évelyne Brochu) is faced with disturbing realities when she starts her undercover job at the Race and Resettlement office in Poland.

Here’s our preview.

Faber’s fate hangs in the balance
Faber needs the team’s help to escape the Polish Resistance, but Alfred and Neil’s cooperation isn’t a given after the death of Harry.

Aurora begins her new uncover assignment
“Helene Bauer” starts working alongside Heidi Adler at Race and Resettlement, but she quickly learns there’s a darker side to the job—and Heidi—than she bargained for.

“[Heidi] seems fresh, funny, powerful, irreverent—and that was fun to write,” previews episode writer Jillian Locke. “But there is no doubt that Heidi has a more … serious side. She’s in Poland to do a job, and Aurora is going to learn more about just how serious that job is.”

Sinclair and Krystina butt heads
Sinclair’s continued reluctance to send Krystina into the field puts a strain on their relationship—and gives Lara Jean Chorostecki yet another chance to show why she nabbed a Canadian Screen Award nomination for her performance on X Company.

Alfora forecast
Unseasonably warm with a chance of spycraft.

X Company airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Image courtesy of CBC.