One thought on “Link: ‘Cardinal star’ loves Sudbury’s Tucos Tacos”

  1. This show proves even the 8 out of 10 points system for Canadian Content to qualify for Canadian tax dollars never worked as it was claimed it would.

    Now we have 6 out of 10 ? when even the crew and 3rd party support services can be entirely American ?

    Permanent residency b.s. be damned. Campbell is 110 percent all-American, and if he gets dual citizenship and a Canadian election issue meant Canada would benefit or the U.S. would benefit, Campbell, like all 3 million dual-cit Americans in Canada, would vote to benefit the U.S.

    I know they would because I’ve asked a bunch of dual-cit Americans that question and every one said they vote to benefit the U.S.

    What is the text emoticon for “the finger” ?

    ain’t ever gonna watch cardinal.

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