Mighty Cruise Ships sails into Season 2 with drama and extravagance

You have to admire Exploration Production Inc.’s, track record. Discovery’s in-house production company is responsible for some of the most engaging—and highly rated—series on specialty television. They’re not only the folks behind Daily Planet, Megaspeed, Forensic Factor and Factory City but the “Mighty” series, including Mighty Ships and Mighty Trains.

Pulling away from Discovery’s dock on Sunday is Season 2 of Mighty Cruise Ships, which aims to spotlight the most outrageous, expensive and exciting cruise ships sailing around the world. The first episode features a stunner: the Carnival Vista. The largest in the Carnival fleet, the ship cruises the Mediterranean with more than 4,600 passengers, and crew of 1,400 in almost 2,000 staterooms. There are 10 restaurants, a 140-metre long slide, IMAX theatre, brewery and—astoundingly—the first-ever suspended bike loop that allows guests to ride 46 metres above the sea. Carnival Vista truly is a small city on the sea, and that comes with positives and negatives.

What has always impressed me about the Mighty series of programs is the unrestricted access they get not only to staff but the nooks and crannies of the things they’re exploring. With just a few hours to do it, the crew successfully completes a turnaround in Greece, offloading previous passengers and their luggage, cleaning, refreshing and loading new passengers, luggage and supplies for the next 10-day voyage. That means cleaning tons of laundry, overseeing 350 pallets of food … and getting out of port on time.

Not everything goes well. Mere moments after beginning the voyage there is an emergency that shows just how nimble a massive ship and its crew can be when called upon.

Upcoming weeks of Mighty Cruise Ships focus on Royal Clipper, Viking Sea, Europa 2, Ocean Endeavour and MSC Divina.

Mighty Cruise Ships airs Sundays at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Discovery.

Image courtesy of Bell Media.