X Company 306: The spies must meet “Supply and Demand”

Last week on X Company, the Nazis discovered there are spies in both the Race and Resettlement office and the Polish Resistance. In this week’s new episode, “Supply and Demand,” Aurora (Évelyne Brochu) struggles to maintain her cover as Heidi (Madeleine Knight) searches for the mole. Meanwhile, Sinclair (Hugh Dillon) sends over two new Camp X recruits to help the team uncover more intelligence on Operation Marigold.

Here is our sneak peek.

Into the heart of darkness
This season has already been heavy, and “Supply and Demand” continues the trend, with more than one character forced to make impossible choices for the greater good.

“The closer we get to the heart of the beast, the harder things have to get for our main characters,” episode writer and producer Julie Puckrin tells us.

Aurora continues her dangerous dance with the enemy
When she’s not busy trying to keep her cover, Aurora must work as a cog in the Nazi death machine that is destroying her own people.

“The theme of this season was ‘becoming the enemy,’ and in many ways, Aurora is being tested more and more,” Puckrin says. “How far is she willing to go to become the enemy to defeat the enemy?”

Sabine catches a clue
Sabine’s work with the Women’s League leads to a disturbing discovery that could change her outlook of the war.

Alfred gets a taste of family life
Alfred’s uncover assignment requires him to spend more time with Irena and her family, allowing him to experience a rare moment of normalcy. Is this the kind of life he could have?

Sinclair and Krystina continue to butt heads
But a major revelation is made.

X Company airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Image courtesy of CBC.