X Company 308: The team’s mission unravels in “Naqam”

Last week’s shocking X Company concluded with Heidi (Madeleine Knight) overhearing Aurora’s (Évelyne Brochu) fraught interlude with Faber (Torben Liebrecht). This week, the team is put in danger as Heidi tries to turn that information to her advantage. Meanwhile, Faber’s  mission faces a threat from an unexpected source.

Here’s our preview of “Naqam,” written by Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern and Julie Puckrin and directed by Amanda Tapping.

“Naqam” is the Hebrew word for avenge
Enough said.

What will Heidi do to Aurora?
The CBC preview shows that Heidi traps Aurora in the basement cell of the Race and Resettlement office—and we promise the ensuing confrontation is everything you hope it will be and more.

Madeleine Knight has proved to be the casting coup of Season 3, and she and Évelyne Brochu hold nothing back in this episode.

Watch your flank 
While the team focuses on Heidi and Aurora, the mission is threatened from another angle.

Alfora forecast

X Company airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

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