Slice’s First Dates Canada searches for a love connection in Season 2

Yes, First Dates Canada is back. Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood is once again the setting for Slice’s reality series as over 600 single folks auditioned to find love in a restaurant environment … and with reality cameras capturing every moment.

Returning on Tuesday with back-to-back instalments, Episode 1 begins with exotic dancer Madelaine. Rather than attracting men, her job repels them; Madelaine is hoping to find an Agent Mulder a.k.a. David Duchovny, a strong man in a nice suit. Producers were paying attention when reading Madelaine’s wish list because they throw, tall masculine stuntman Jason her way. The pair share laughs over ill-advised tattoos until she reveals her profession … and Jason doesn’t flinch. Will they find love by the end of the night?

Masseuse Megan, meanwhile is—as the narrator intones—”looking to get her hands on Mr. Right.” (Subtle, First Dates Canada is not.) Megan is looking for a manly man who will build a fire and shelter for her if the need arose. She gets Rob, who has been referred to as a Renaissance Man by folks. At first glance, it appears Megan and Rob have absolutely nothing in common and their night will end early. (Her, “Please don’t let that be my date,” under her breath as he approached is a major hint.) You’ll have to stay tuned through the awkward conversation and borderline offensive dinner discussion to see if things pan out.

I was unabashedly cheering for were Landon and Tyler. The former, who is deaf, was hoping to find someone who cared deeply enough for him to learn sign language. The latter had his fingers crossed a husband was in his future. The fact Tyler knows some sign language gains him instant points with Landon.

Adding to the First Dates fun are off-hand comments in Episode 1 made by maître d’ Michel (second from the right in the above image), who comments on one participants’ shoes and opines on the stresses of a first date. In fact, producers have included select staff to talk about their own dating experiences.

First Dates is highly enjoyable if you’re looking for pure guilty pleasure entertainment. It’s the perfect program to sit and watch with friends so that you can laugh, poke fun at—and perhaps commiserate—along with for an hour.

First Dates Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 and 8:30 p.m. ET on Slice.