Ty Borden returns to Heartland

Heartland fans have been begging Ty to return to Canada for weeks. Finally, he does, but no one is celebrating. Wracked with sickness, Ty has been hospitalized and totally out of it. With a baby on the way, will Ty survive to see his child born, or will he die in front of Amy?

Here’s CBC’s episode synopsis for “Dreamer,” written by Mark Haroun and directed by Alison Reid:

Amy and the family pull together as the gravely ill Ty returns home and is admitted to hospital.
And here’s some spoiler-free info we gleaned from watching a screener.
Ty isn’t the only one having a hard time
Yes, Ty is hooked up to tubes and unresponsive, but others are suffering in their own way this week. A major situation hits Lou out of nowhere, putting her future in jeopardy as well. And, just to make things super-interesting/awkward, Peter visits.
We find out what’s been ailing Ty
Turns out four months in the Gobi desert is full of dangers, the least of which are poachers. A Calgary doctor gives the family her prognosis … and not everyone is happy with her news. That leads to a very, very dramatic scene in the hospital between two major characters that could affect their relationship going forward. Meanwhile, Ty has been pumped full of drugs, leading to some very interesting visions … and a special guest star.
Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.