Comments and queries for the week of March 24

I have been watching Heartland for the past five years or so and I just LOVE it. It was on every morning on our Up channel, but isn’t on any longer except Sunday morning. It was advertised that new episodes would begin on Sundays, but they are still see of the reruns we’d been watching all this time. I love watching the reruns as much as if they were new episodes. But I would really love to see it every day again, and maybe see the new episodes as well. Is this on a different channel now, or just on Canadian TV? If you can shed a little light on this for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for such an inspirational and CLEAN family show. I will be getting the entire series hopefully. I am on disability, so have asked my kids to get me the different series. Still waiting. —Brenda

According to the Up’s website, Season 10 of Heartland begins on Sunday, April 23, with back-to-back episodes starting at 8 p.m. ET. Don’t miss it!

Sounds like [Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries will be] a doozy! Can’t wait to see it. On the historical figures: bring back L.M. Montgomery!! Go to P.E.I. this time and have her help with a case. She loved ghost stories and wrote quite a few. In 1905, she finished writing Anne of Green Gables and started trying to get it published. George could help her with that. She won’t meet Ewen (her future husband) for another year. And 2018 will be the 110th anniversary of the publication of AoGG. I like the idea of bringing Helen Keller in. If we have Teddy again, could we please have a young Eleanor Roosevelt, too? They were close cousins. She got married to Franklin in 1905, so we could see him, too. —Hannah

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