Murdoch Mysteries: Showrunner Peter Mitchell looks ahead to Season 11

Spoiler alert! Do not read on until you’ve watched Murdoch Mysteries Episode 18, “Hell to Pay.”

Now that was one heck of a season finale, wasn’t it Murdoch Mysteries fans? It’s a good thing our favourite series has been greenlit for another season because there are a ton of questions to be answered! Will Julia be found? How will William get out of this scrape? Is Det. Watts really there to help William? Did Brackenreid fight off Davis, or is he injured or, gulp, dead? And, perhaps most importantly: did Higgins, Crabtree and Jackson all survive the gunfire?

We spoke to Murdoch Mysteries showrunner Peter Mitchell about that edge-of-your-seat instalment—the show’s landmark 150th—and where the show goes in Season 11.

First of all, congratulations on your writing win at the Canadian Screen Awards, as well as Murdoch Mysteries winning the Golden Screen Award. Is it important to you to win awards, specifically one for writing?
Peter Mitchell: Murdoch has never gotten a nomination for writing, so it was important to give a little shout-out to the writers. It’s nice to win an award, but it’s not why I’m here. I think I’ve been nominated 11 times or something and this is the first time I’ve won. Winning is better than losing. [Laughs.] I won’t deny that. It was nice of the movie to win too as a whole. Obviously, I’m biased but getting the award for most viewership is more important than anything else.

Let’s talk about the cliffhanger season finale, ‘Hell to Pay.’ I seem to remember Murdoch being framed for murder once before?
I believe he was at the end of Season 4 [“Murdoch in Wonderland”]. That was just before my time. I don’t think it was a cliffhanger, he was exonerated by the end of the episode.

At what point did you decide ‘Hell to Pay’ would be a cliffhanger?
I think it was around the time that we thought Trump was going to win [the election]. I just figured everything would go to hell both fictionally and in real life.

It was great to see Robin Dunne back on TV. I haven’t seen him since Sanctuary.
He was great. I had never met him before, actually, and he was a ton of fun. It was also especially fun to work with John Wildman, who was on a TV show called The Campbells a million years ago and I used to drive him to work. That’s the first time we had worked together in, like, 30 years.

You started out in the industry as a driver?
Well, as a production assistant. They didn’t have drivers back then. I was the general gofer guy.

How long were you a P.A.?
One season, and then I moved into the writing department fairly quickly once I got my foot in the door.

Did you take a TV writing course at the time?
I took one television writing course at York University for, like, a semester. My instructor was in the business, at CTV, and he got me a gig.

OK, let’s talk about the episode. Miss Cherry’s personality has certainly evolved. In last week’s episode, she was talking shit about William and Julia. There is no faster way to turn the fans on someone than having them do that.
Yeah, especially Julia. We learned that when one of the characters Emily was involved with called William a stick in the mud. That was basically her death sentence. [Laughs.] But we had portrayed Louise as being controlling over George throughout, but it was when she insults George’s friends that he can do better. I kind of knew what the reaction would be.

Is that it for Louise Cherry?
I wouldn’t say so, no. She performs a function in the finale and is not out of the picture.

With regard to Inspector Brackenreid … we hear a gunshot and last saw Davis aiming a gun at his head. 
We hear a gunshot go off and that’s the last we see of Brackenreid. I guess we’ll see what happens.

It appears we might be losing one of the constables. Murdoch is told that one of them is dead.
I think you have to think about the reliability of the narrator, the person who is telling him that. I don’t think we can end a season like that and have everything be tickety-boo. The show, in essence, has five cliffhangers: three constables, one Julia and a Brackenreid. And we don’t see any of them past the three-quarter mark of the show. And, why is Watts offering to be so helpful at the very end of the episode? Is he a good guy? I don’t know. Why didn’t he help Murdoch earlier? Why is he showing up now?

So, Watts may have ulterior motives?
Maybe. I never trust those Maslanys. They have many faces! [Laughs.] Daniel is fantastic; just a very pleasant young man.

You’ve created this mess with all of these characters. How do you clean it up going forward?
I think it’s a big enough mess that it will take more than one episode to clean it up. I’ve been studiously avoiding the hard work of making it all make sense. I think what I’ll probably do is use a couple of the early episodes to deal with the repercussions of last year and then bounce the show ahead three months in time because I don’t think we’re purpose built to go dark, dark, dark. We’re allowed to go dark on the show but I don’t think we can stay there.

Are there any historical characters you’re planning on bringing on board for Season 11?
I think we’re going to bring back good old Teddy Roosevelt. I think we’re going to bring Dr. William Osler back, one of the founders of modern medicine. I think we’re going to bring in Helen Keller, who will help solve a case. And, with Helen Keller, I think we’re going to get Alexander Graham Bell. That’s just in the early stages right now and I think we’re going to try and pay a tiny bit more attention to getting more historical characters in this year than we did last year. That might entail the return of Laurier and Terrence Meyers, of course, some of the regular characters we like to see every year.

In terms of the historical characters, they all seem to be in the world of medicine for some reason.

What did you think of the season finale? Let me know in the comments below!

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62 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries: Showrunner Peter Mitchell looks ahead to Season 11”

  1. Sounds like a doozy! Can’t wait to see it. On the historical figures: Bring back L.M. Montgomery!! Go to PEI this time and have her help with a case. She loved ghost stories and wrote quite a few. In 1905, she finished writing AoGG and started trying to get it published. George could help her with that. She won’t meet Ewen (her future husband) for another year. And 2018 will be the 110th anniversary of the publication of AoGG. I like the idea of bringing Helen Keller in. If we have Teddy again, could we please have a young Eleanor Roosevelt, too? They were close cousins. She got married to Franklin in 1905, so we could see him, too.

  2. I watched the final episode and was completely taken in with it. When will the next episode be aired? I just can’t wait but in the meantime I watch reruns of other episodes

    1. We all do … with 10 seasons of episodes i’st great to go back in time when William and Julia were courting … fabulous writing and great actors … the little woman and I are junkies for this show. THANK YOU AMAZON PRIME !!!

      1. Thom: Did you know you can watch it Acorn TV? Episodes air there on Monday nights.

      2. Actually all the seasons and the Christmas Special are available to watch anytime, on Acorn TV. As well as many other great shows and the monthly fee is low, better deal than cable etc.

  3. My significant other and myself sat and watched spellbound throughout this episode. It moved so fast from one catastrophic event to another. When the show ended I sat with my mouth open, not wanting to believe that the show was over leaving everyone in the precarious positions. Can’t wait for the new season to begin.

  4. I love this series especially that it s not dark and twisted but enlightening with historical figures and inventions. I hope it keeps on in that vein. Great writing.

  5. how dare you leave us hanging like this! We are seniors and can’t take this suspense…..
    Hope we live to see the new season. Now where’s my heart pills?

    1. Nice one …I’m a senior too & know what you mean ….what’s going to happen if the unthinkable happens to us first before they air season 11… I mean
      Daaaaaam Pat

    2. See… with all the political unrest here in the Colonies and the BS going on over in the Middle East .. there IS something to live for !!! … the CBC should make MM available and there would be less fighting on MM night !! .

    3. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and almost went into premature labor over it! 😜😂 That was insanely intense and it’s going to be hard to wait until the next season comes out!!!

  6. I’m a grandmother and watch every recorded episode with my 2 granddaughters. We prop up on pillows in my bed and have lots of snacks (some healthy and some not so much) and enjoy our favourite friend, William Murdoch. Of course we love Julia and our funny friend George Crabtree. I saw the last episode which was a nail biter. I will make sure that the girls will see it long before lights out…no need for nightmares!!
    Yannick Bisson is my favourite actor ever! I wasn’t a good history student and I love learning about our early history through Murdoch Mysteries. I am thrilled to know that season 11 is in the making! Thank you! Thank you!

  7. I LOVE this show so much! It’s so much better than the movies that they show in the cinema nowadays. Now I just can’t wait for the next season to air! But I have to say this last episode was almost too dark, everything escalated so quickly and I was so upset by the idea that some of my favourite heroes might be dead! In any case, I’m really looking forward to see what will happen in season 11!

    1. As a Murdock junkie that has watched every episode and owns the DVDs, I agree the final episode has left multiple cliffhangers … I would hate to loose Crabtree and hope his love interest blossoms in Season 11 and beyond. I hope the actors never get tired of their roles. The writing has been excellent, deserves rewards and the way the figures of the era are brought into the stories is ingenious. Keep up the GREAT work. Thank You Amazon Prime for carrying it !!! Don;t stop any time soon … 8^)

  8. I can’t believe what I just saw in the last five minutes. I love the show but I think I’m going into depression.
    I enjoyed the fact that the feathers were ruffled and everything is not dandy. However, I think the writers pushed it just a little to far wit the 5 cliff hangers; 3-4 would have sufficed.
    I hope the next episode will be released soon because I don’t know how long I can go without sleep. I sincerely hope Julia survives as well as Crabtree and Brackenreid. It would be a shame if such an inspirational woman character was to be killed off.
    P.S I want to congratulate the actors who have done an excellent job this season and thank them for their hard work. Especially William and Julia whom are great inspirations in character, thought, intelligence, morals, opinion and as actors themselves.
    Your Biggest Fan Evelina.

  9. Could we return to the former “solve a mystery” style of Murdoch Mysteries? I’m not really a fan of my lead characters being exposed to so much danger. I felt that the last episode was “dark”! I was happier when William , George and Julia were investigating and solving other people’s problems. You have a superb cast of characters here!

    1. Agreed .. most times the long running series like MM stray away from what got them there. More figures of the era and more ‘Mysteries’ … James Gillies is out there lucking somewhere …

  10. Hello i live in Australia and i absolutely love this show can’t wait for season eleven to air

  11. Hi, I am Australian also. I watched this episode last night. I am still stunned today. I searched the TV guides to find the next episode but to no avail. I sat stunned at the end, mouth agape. OMG. The stress. Who might die, who might live ?. I don’t want to lose any. How will Brackenreid’s wife cope without him. ?I even went so far as to blame Murdoch. Why didn’t he listen to Brackenreid and leave it alone for now, and now look at the mess. !!! Didn’t he know they would use Julia to draw him out, and that the constables were being followed to the church. We are Murdoch Mysteries fanatics in our house. Please Series 11, hurry up and put us out of our misery asap.
    Thank you, Yvonne from Melbourne.

    1. I live in Florida & have just watched the last episode tonight ….they are still writing season 11, the actors are on 6 months rest before they start shooting again. The next episode won’t air until October …I’m a senior I could be dead by then …someone HELP
      So much angst … O M G

  12. Me too! Oh goodness, that was cruel! Hubby and I were on the edge of our seats! How long ’til season 11 in Oz? Soon we hope! 😮

  13. Warning (Spoilers)

    I’m pretty sure George, Henry and Brackenreid are alive. My money’s on Jackson being dead.

    I think there’s several reason for this:

    1) George and Brackenreid are far too important to die, and the viewers love them.

    2) Higgins is the comic relief, and he has great chemistry with George, so that makes it less likely he’ll die.

    3) Jackson suddenly became very important this season, which is suspicious. There’s also his friendship with Detective Watts, who shows up right at the end and tells Murdoch he’ll help him.

    My guess is Jackson died, which upset Watts, who’s now willing to help Murdoch.

    But guess we’ll find out when season 11 premieres.

  14. American TV should take heed from this Great CBC series. There … Too many reality shows .. crappy cop shows … CSI’s … sappy 20 something sitcoms. MM is an endearing series that will weather the test of time … keep up the great writing, acting and production. 8^)

  15. Nice dramatic set up for next year, however…

    As the storyline was about criminal familiarity and its intertwined relationships that people are afraid to challenge, how is the Murdoch team quickly cast to the wolves with such abandon? You know, the crew that saved Canada and Toronto numerous times? Friends of the Prime Minister and cloak and dagger figures have their powerful alliances too.

    The set up could have been done without discarding half the previous episodes. Oh well, here is hoping we don’t get a Bobby in the shower summary.

    Always a fan, much better than US television…

  16. Absolutely love this show, without a doubt one of the best in a very long time. I started out watching it, then the channel it was on stopped carrying it, fortunately I discovered Acorn Tv , thank goodness, now I can get my Murdoch fix anytime I like. Season 10 Episode 18 was a cliffhanger indeed! I was actually talking to the screen, but they just didn’t seem to pay any attention to me haha. Can hardly wait until next season, and just hope that Acorn picks it up early on !
    It will be great to get some of the historically famous people back into the episodes, always fun. 2016 seemed to come up a little short on that, but was a great season all the same and the best cliffhanger to date!

  17. We have watched Murdoch Mysteries since it’s inception… first on PBS, then on Netflix, and now via ACORN TV. Superb writing & acting all thru the seasons. Saw episode 18 last night and were stunned with the possibilities it left us with. Always interesting parallels with current times and history. Glad to read more historical figures will be included in the next season! Bravo to the cast and crew; looking forward to the Fall season.

  18. Just saw finale released on acorn. Few things. The motorcycle so prominently shown before Brackenreid enters the house. Watts? Everyone being so stupid about being followed, constables going to the church when they hadn’t checked out where the note came from. Julia lands one on the bad guy. I suspect she will escape on her own. They’d better bone up on disguises, dead drops, coded messages and not being followed. Maybe Freddie of the symmetrical face and watts team up. Have these people learned nothing from Meyers, gillies and Eva pierce? BTW William and Julia need to build that house with the automatic door locks. Their hotel apartment is a security seive. Anyone can get in. Eva pierce, gillies, all the bad guys in Hell to Pay. Honestly ;-)

  19. I watched “Hell to Pay” last night and then had trouble sleeping. Season 11 can’t come soon enough!
    Love this show!

  20. I absolutely adore this series. The characters have developed the way they naturally would. I appreciate that the show incorporates the creationism of the times in which they are living. Definitely an incredibly different type of show than is on here in the U.S. I am tired of “our” type of TV. I cannot wait to watch Season 11. I Thank you for making TV interesting again.

  21. Could not watch, though I skipped ahead in hopes it got better. (Acorn TV in the southern province).

    Episode violates tacit audience contract by not only going dark, dark, dark but by staying there, there, there. At least for the off-season.

    Also, having Louise go so “off”? Well, Murdoch and Julia are uncharacteristically insipid at the dinner party and if that were all she knew of them, she’d be justified.

    Okay, so it’s Trump’s fault. (What isn’t?) BUT in bad times, we need light entertainment. I know, I know, we Southern folk are not your primary audience, but we are still friends, aren’t we? Except for dairy and soft wood and whatever else our hairball president coughs up.

    Ruined the season. Maybe the series. What’s next? A “Dallas”, whoops-it-was-all-a-dream opener for next year? If there is a next year. Kim’s nukes can take you guys out, too.

    Not sure that I want to return.

    1. earth calling c mante what planet are you from ? from season 1 to the present MM’s has been compelling to watch.

    2. Well your right about one thing, everything bad here is Trumps fault, what a loser we have in the White House. But the silver lining in that dark and damning cloud is looking forward to season 11of MM.

  22. We just watched ‘Hell to Pay’ here in Scotland. It was broadcast this evening on Alibi channel. Wow!
    We are so looking forward to series 11. Hubby and I have watched it faithfully since episode 1…..and station 4 is part of our family now. :) The only deaths I want to hear of are Davis and his cohorts. I am hoping George, Higgins and Jackson wore bullet proof vests like the prototype one George wore earlier in the series.

  23. Lynne McGrath
    What a fantastic finale. I love all these characters and seriously hope they all return It was such a great storyline and you certainly can’t forget the cliffhanger. As was the time Gerorge was in prison and it left us hanging. Hope this show goes on for a long long time. The chemistry between all these actors is simply perfection. Thank you to all that the cast and crew for giving us such a top rate show.. So glad it is here in Australia and one day I hope to the Murdoch Tour in Toronto.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. to many twists and turns and not forgetting all in one week remember how the episode started ! still love the show . hope george lives and goes on to find true love in the end!

  25. Please no more deaths, let Constable Jackson or Higgins be coma and Grabtree let him be a brilliant cop to help Chief Brackenreid with Murdock’s case and Dr. Ogden kicks the man ass who crab her and she gets away and join Murdock and together they are fugitives, and Crabtree girlfriend realizes she messed up and she wants him back but Crabtree wants his old girlfriend back and they will work together. Crabtree journalist girlfriend found out that Crabtree is back with his dancer girlfriend and now she working against him because she cannot handle rejection.

  26. My sister and I just saw Season 10 finale– Wow! Goes a mile a minute, a great ride!! Have very low opinion of Crabtree’s now former girlfriend; never diss William or Julia! We are very happy that he went back to his dancer lady and apologized. Really looking forward to Season 11 to find out how things end up!

  27. Received Seasons 1 & 2 as birthday gifts at end of January. Was hooked immediately. Found seasons 3-7 on Netflix and had to search for other episodes. Finally saw last few episodes of season 10 including season finale. Wow! What a way to keep us hooked! Can’t wait for season 11. Please keep everyone around for the next season. Very tired of other shows killing off characters and having none of the main people have good relationships. These characters are joys to watch. Thanks.

  28. This is one of the best series, I have seen in a long time. I received a sampler from ACORN Media,watched season 1 of
    Murdoch really enjoyed it. Now Iam considering buying the entire series. Iam glad they are bringing the show back
    for season 11. The cliff hanger in season 10 was excellent. Looking for more,your writers are great and deserve more
    awards. GREAT SHOW.

  29. Man was I crushed. .to pay…first Murdock. Then Julie then Crabtree Then Inspector did they all die in that ambush??Love the show how.long.before next season…Need my fix (lol)

  30. could not believe it i sat with my mouth open, i said to my husband they cant leave it like that they cant leave us in suspense like this. cant wait for next series hurry up.

  31. I watched seasons 1 – 10 of Murdoch Mysteries in 3 weeks. Do you think I am hooked. Just a touch. But I am waiting with baited breath for Season 11 and hope with everything in me that all the characters I have fallen in love with are back. Nice job reconnecting Crabtree and his dancer lady. Their chemistry is awesome. The reporter is just annoying

  32. I’m so glad it’s been renewed for another season! I LOVE this show. I also am curious when Season 11 will air. I wish you would bring back Nicola Tesla. My grandson and I am fascinated by him. In fact, he recently (he’s in 4th grade) did a report Mr. Tesla. He and some of his friends believe that without Mr. Tesla’s work we wouldn’t have some of the communications devices we have today. Thanks for listening!

  33. It’s good that your ideas include some new and old favourite characters into the scripts. Just curious, but whatever happened to Julia’s sister? Will Dr. Grace make an appearance in one of the shows? Perhaps you could set a mystery at the Royal Winter Fair, or the CNE, which may have begun at the turn of the century. There were some well known dance halls and pavilions on the waterfront for quite some years, although they are demolished now. Maybe Det. Murdoch has dancing and singing talent yet to be discovered! Perhaps John Tory, the mayor, might say yes to an appearance, or Jose Bautista, or another great athlete , or Chris Hadfield/Roberta Bondar/ Marc Garneau, (should we include Don Cherry too?) Whatever inspiration you have in mind for the shows, you know we’ll be watching with anticipation!

  34. The finale was almost overwhelming but exciting! Keep the historical characters coming. They are well done and fascinating.

  35. My husband and I just love this show . The cliffhanger was terribly intense and am not sure how we can wait til next season . We learn so much about history in this show .. history really comes alive . I needed to take extra blood pressure medicine though with this finale .. shame on you torturing us so !!!

  36. When will the 11th. Season of the artful detective begin and will it be on the ovation network at a nighttime hour?

    1. I emailed Ovation TV and complained about the change is air-time. They said their “numbers” showed that they had more viewers at noon on a Tuesday, then at Prime Time! I didn’t believe a word they wrote but it was stupid and probably a lie, just like everything that comes out of the Prez of the US’s mouth!

  37. I absolutely love this series. It proves what intelligent writing and production can accomplish. Now season 10 episode 18; one of my real fun things to do while watching is to let the characters know what I think of them. Remember hiss the villain and cheer the hero. I probably did more hissing on this episode than all the others put together. I am glad there were no little kids around while I was watching. Season 11 can’t be here too soon.
    I am glad George dropped that reporter woman!!!!!!!

    1. Will season 11 be televised at night? We hope so. It is ridiculous to,put it on in mornings! One of the truly great shows everyone can watch without trashy language .

        1. I do not think CBC is on the DirectTV . If so what number is it? Thanks for your reply. The actors are great. Helene Joy one of best actress’s in all of Television.

    2. Yes, little kids would not have enjoyed my four-word vocabulary during the season 10 finale. We eagerly anticipate the return of this magnificent television masterpiece.

      1. If you want to see this show at night, you better write Ovation and complain because they have planned to show it during daytime. I did and so have a few others. Maybe we can convince them to change their plans.

  38. What is Ovation address or contact number? I will express my feelings about their scheduling of The Arful Detective during the daytime. Those old and often movies they have at night in no way can draw more viewers than the Murdoch episodes!

      1. Thanks for the information, Greg. I’ll write also. Maybe if enough of us write they’ll listen.

      2. Have sent a protest letter about their scheduling The Artful Detective for daytime. Hope hundreds of others do also.

  39. All the fans are anxious to see what happens for Season 11 and which characters survive. It is so much suspense and thrilling. I look forward to the episodes in Season 11 in September 2017. However, probably the episodes for Season 11 will not be shown on Acorn TV till January of 2018. I have college and NFL football seasons at least to keep me busy.

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