Poll: Who do you think was killed on Murdoch Mysteries?

OK, Murdoch Mysteries fans, we’ve had a couple of months to recover from the Season 10 finale, “Hell to Pay,” and some of you still haven’t.

By the end of that shocking cliffhanger we were left with many, many questions. Will Julia be found? How will William get out of this scrape? Is Det. Watts really there to help William? Did Brackenreid fight off Davis, or is he injured or, gulp, dead? And, perhaps most importantly: did Higgins, Crabtree and Jackson all survive the gunfire?

Production on Season 11 has begun but, other than a few posts from lead Yannick Bisson, there has been almost no information regarding who survived the violence in “Hell to Pay.” With a couple of months still until the show returns, we’re asking Murdoch Mysteries fans to vote on who you think was killed and will not return to the show in Season 11. So get clicking, and feel free to voice your thoughts in the comments section below!

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19 thoughts on “Poll: Who do you think was killed on Murdoch Mysteries?”

  1. My vote is my wishful thinking, however I am afraid that one of the three constables did not survive and that character would be Slugger Jackson! I do hope I am wrong and my vote does indeed come to fruition. October will tell the tale.

  2. I voted for Const. Jackson. I hate that I had to vote for any of them as I want them ALL to be safe but I recall Yannicl posting a funeral pic – therefore someone did die 😩

    I was hoping to see Davis’ name on the list. He is a bad apple that MUST be stopped!

    1. I hoped Davis’ name was there too…I’m still betting he id the one in Yanick’s photo – Brackenreid would have seen to that…

  3. Someone died, but not anyone mentioned.
    I’m optimistic!
    Question: why the budding friendship between Watts and Jackson?

  4. No one died. The funeral is a ruse. Actually, if someone died, it means they have more work on another series in which case I bet Jackson or Higgins. Crabtree already has his own series and he fits it around Murdoch. I think the guy on the motorcycle just as backenreid goes into the house is watts who saves him.

  5. I voted no one because that is my hope. However, if someone had to die it must not be Julia or William or there would be a huge loss of viewers, including me!! Sadly perhaps Const. Jackson. I LOVE the show and waiting until October for Season 11 is going to be very difficult! Keep up the good work!!

  6. Julia will kickarse her way out of her situation. In the clip shown by Yannick he is still on the run. In the quick funeral shot from YB I could not see Margaret brackenried at the funeral or at least not in that shot so i am hoping Brackenreid is still with us and it was Davis’s funeral I think Higgins dies but don’t want any of them dead. The amount of bullets that were fired should have killed them all. Like everyone else I just don’t want the show to lose characters and change the dynamics………oh well roll on October…..

    1. I think the constables all had their bulletproof vests on and just received superficial wounds. Brackenreid is faster than Davis so he turned the gun around and plugged Davis. Julia is too tough to hold back so she fights her way out.
      Det. Watts helps Murdoch and this way Watts character becomes engrained in the show. Hurry up October 10.

  7. No one dies..
    They wouldnt let any of these fine actors go
    wishful thinking 😌

  8. I think everyone survives. The ruse is Crabtree is dead, BUT, I believe there was a conspiracy with Ms. James to pronounce him dead, then hide him in the morgue so he can work on the case without being hunted. Det. Watts may have his quirks, but I think he is a good egg and is helping Murdoch. Williams and Graham are too pompous and a bit over confident and will slip up, allowing either George or Det Watts to come to the rescue. One question though, WHERE IS Terrence Myers? Murdoch saved his life at least 3 times that we know of, why didn’t someone call him in!

  9. I voted for no one dies. I’ve always liked Crabtree, Jackson and Higgins together, & would be sad if any of the 3 left. I hope to Hell that somehow with a flip, Thomas killed Davies. (Davies should’ve died a long time ago, PIA!) Julia is kickass! She’s been through the mill several times and will get through this too. (remember Eva Pearce, over and over again) I have faith that everything will be right with Station 4 in no time🌹

  10. Jonny Harris (Crabtree) has his own show so it might be feasible to write him out of the script. Colm Meaney (Thomas) seems to have skipped a few episodes last season, so I wonder if he is moving elsewhere and would be written off the script.

    1. Agree – no one dies – wearing bullit proof vests. Funeral is acting so the real culprit can be caught
      Love the show. – Adelaide, Australia 🇦🇺

  11. Went with no one getting killed, maybe other explanations for anyone wanting to leave like leaving for promotion……change of career!! I just hope that in England someone works out we can’t start with the Christmas episode as we have done in past years!!!

  12. Love this show and my husband and I just love the witty banter between the characters. Agreed that this is all a ruse and that they need time to go after the bad dudes. All in all best show on t.v. and looking forward to the upcoming season.

  13. I too hope that no one was killed off. Hopefully, Crabtree, Higgins and Jackson wore their vests. I love all the characters on the show. I wish the Davis character would go away. Wasn’t he demoted?

    1. Davis was sent to “City Records” after he was caught by the Crown Attorney and Alderman in setting up Inspector Brackenreid, who knew about the corruption in Station House #5. Murdoch and the Inspector used his voice recorder to catch Davis with the cross dresser. That was a good episode!

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