Comments and queries for the week of April 7

I love hospital dramas but I’m addicted to Saving Hope. I watched it from Season 1 again and the storylines are fantastic. You just don’t know what’s going to happen next, so it would be a sin for it to finish in Season 5. Surely you’ve got more stories in your head for Alex, Charlie, Dawn and Maggie, etc. You have to keep it going, it’s sooooooo good it would be a mortal sin for it to end so I’m going to pray to my guardian angel and all other angels out there to save Saving Hope. You just can’t let your FANS DOWN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE —Angel

I’m in [on Frankie Drake]. I love Lauren Lee Smith and I have no doubt that this creative team can pull this off. —DMK

This new version [Anne] is neither feminist nor empowering. The message is that women have always been, and continue to be, defeated by the world. Although the acting is marvelous, the dark take does not express anything helpful, nor make PEI a desirable destination, more’s the pity. —Claire

As a lover of all things Anne, I turned to my husband today and declared that I was officially ‘in.’ I am really loving this version and I’m an islander (now living in Toronto though). I was s skeptical and anxious and even as I watched the first couple of episodes I was hesitant. Did I like it? I was thinking I did, but I have such an emotional connection to this series it took me a few episodes to fully accept that I was sold. Amy is brilliant as Anne. She’s truly captured the spirit. Her walk to school this episode, or soliloquy as you accurately called it, was very moving. I was so nervous for Anne. And there was such an earnest sweetness about her. R.H. Thomson is fantastic as Matthew (and I was a tough nut to crack on that one) and Geraldine James is really well cast as well. Heck, can we talk about Corinnne Koslo as Rachel Lynde!? I never thought I’d see another Rachel Lynde that I’d approve of but this episode I decided she was perfect. And Gilbert. Dear, sweet, lovely Gilbert, I SO approve … and I truly thought I never would because Jonathan Crombie was perfection. But this new portrayal has really has captured how and why Gilbert is Gilbert. —Ceecee

She is a wonderful actress. Enjoying this series as she sweeps you up with her emotions. —Jim


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