HGTV Canada superstars flying high in Season 2 of Home to Win

It’s pretty impressive how HGTV Canada has assembled such a large group of homegrown stars. Scott McGillivray, Mike Holmes, Sarah Richardson and Bryan Baeumler continue to be top draws for the channel while newbies like Sebastian Clovis and Sarah Keenleyside are quickly becoming fan favourites. The aforementioned are among the 30 contractors and designers assembled for Season 2 of Home to Win.

Returning Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada, Home to Win‘s formula is simple: the 30 renovate and decorate a home for one Canadian family. Want to be the folks who could win the home? Go to the show’s website to find out how you can audition. What drew me into Season 1 was, of course, seeing someone win the property, but I was equally interested in seeing how HGTV’s talent would work together. Some, like Holmes, McGillivray and Baeumler, have interacted on other projects before, but for many, this was the first time they’d collaborated. It made for fun viewing.

Danielle Bryk and Tiffany Pratt

Sunday’s return pairs fan favourites Baeumler and McGillivray as they choose the home to be renovated. I like the producers’ decision to have the property chosen ahead of time by these two rather than the way they did it in Season 1, but having teams present a trio of properties and deciding the best fit. This way saves time and gets right to the meat of the show: the renovation. Part of the fun is, of course, watching McGillivray and Baeumler walk through homes, discussing what could be done to improve the places and voicing concerns. After picking the property they think is the best for location and enjoyment—you’ll have to tune in to see which one they agreed on—the group gets to work.

And, while the builders get to work on the outside, the designed convene inside to come up with a cohesive plan for turning the house into a stellar home. Yes, there are issues and conflicting opinions right out of the gate, proving Season 2 of Home to Win will be as entertaining as the first.

Home to Win airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.

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5 thoughts on “HGTV Canada superstars flying high in Season 2 of Home to Win”

  1. Love this show! Love the HGTV stars! Totally disappointed in your HOME choice this season. As designers you should have put your thinking caps on and went for a true challenge with character and charm. Why would you take a newer home, gut it and re-do it? Such a waste! To the land fill and to the home. I used to believe in you all, now I’m not sure.

    1. Agree with this comment. Not much of a challenge for designers. Waste of money. But most important: who is really interested in cottage by water where you can’t swim? Really? Not interested to live or compete to live by swamp. What’s the point?

  2. I really like reno shows but i’m looseing intrest on this one,the contractors act like 12 year olds and the desginers wear jeans so tight they can hardly walk!!
    If thats how they work on a real job i’d fire them all.
    Grow up.

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