Anne signs off with emotional season finale

It seems like just yesterday Anne debuted on CBC and now, all of a sudden, Sunday’s season finale is upon us. While much of Moira Walley-Beckett’s interpretation has been faithful to L.M. Montgomery’s tome, there have been deviations from the source material, most notably the death of Gilbert Blythe’s father, rendering him an orphan just like Anne.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the tone, cinematography and performances, particularly Amybeth McNulty’s take on our flame-haired heroine. But, really, everyone has been stellar and these first eight episodes have merely whet my appetite for more. Alas, nothing has been announced yet and we’ll have to settle for Sunday’s episode for now.

Here’s what CBC says about “Wherever you are is my home,” written by Walley-Beckett and directed by Amanda Tapping:

On the verge of losing the farm, the Cuthberts must do whatever it takes to save it. Anne is reminded of the strength of friendship and love.
And he’s what else we can tell you after watching a screener of the episode.
It’s Christmas in Avonlea
That’s no surprise if you’ve seen Sunday’s teaser or the image above, but there’s no Yuletide cheer at the farm as Marilla and Matthew struggle to pay their debts. Will there be a Christmas miracle or a chunk of coal at the bottom of Anne’s stocking?
Road trip!
An unlikely pair goes on an important journey and learn more about themselves—and each other—on the way. Keep your eyes open for veteran actors Daniel Kash in a key scene as well as showrunner Walley-Beckett in a blink-and-you’ll-miss her moment.
Geraldine James and R. H. Thomson are amazing
The pair has been stellar as Marilla and Matthew all season, but James and Thomson ratchet up their performances on Sunday in several jaw-droppingly good scenes. While we’re on it, McNulty and James share some emotional moments too. Better keep the tissues handy, folks.
What did you think of the first season of Anne? Are you wanting more? Comment below!

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45 thoughts on “Anne signs off with emotional season finale”

  1. I really enjoy this show. The episodes are well written and the performances are amazing! I’m looking forward to a longer S2. This is so well done.

    1. When will episode 8 back on or new season 2? Anyone know and please let me know. Many thanks.

  2. We loved the series “Anne” ! How long do we have to wait till the next installment ? I hope it’s not 2018……..

    Very well done, all the actors were fabulous. Anne, Ambeth McNulty an amazing young actress !

    Well done everyone involved………

    Joanne and Ron Borger

  3. Im in love with Anne 2017. Every week when I watch, I just want to see more. Love the deviations from the original. Love Ambeth as the actress and I can’t wait to see more lovely interactions between Anne and Gilbert 😍. CBC WE WANT MORE.

    1. My Husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation of “Anne Of Green Gables”! Love the different spin on this epic tale and yet the basic story line is there….such a great ‘facelift’. We are so looking forward to more seasons….the finale just screams for more! Please don’t make us wait too long! Thank you for this great series….loved it!!

      For some reason it wouldn’t let my comment to post so I’m adding it to a reply on last comment.

      1. I am totally in agreement! I loved the show, even though it takes some sidetracked from the book. The characters are beautifully crafted, the actors giving stellar performances and the cinematography outstanding. I am drawn right into the story with both feet in Avonlea. I can’t wait to see more!!!! PLEASE keep it going.

  4. My Husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation of “Anne Of Green Gables”! Love the different spin on this epic tale and yet the basic story line is there….such a great ‘facelift’. We are so looking forward to more seasons….the finale just screams for more! Please don’t make us wait too long! Thank you for this great series….loved it!!

  5. Wonderful…never watched any previous series, movies or read the book even though the Anne was around our home. BUT enjoyed the series immensely. A breathe of fresh air amongst the very low quality and sometimes offensive shows coming from south of the border. Thank you CBC. Patiently waiting for S2

  6. Anne 2017 is excellent. I am so pleasantly surprised. Looking g forward to seeing more😊

  7. Would love to see more of this delightful series! Entertaining , real , delightful. I am hoping for more seasons to come with same detail as the 1st season. Certainly brings back many special childhood memories of the book series that I thoroughly enjoyed as a young girl.

  8. What’s with the two borders introduced at the end of the finale……( the gangsters who beat up Gerry). Why are they part of this great show?

  9. Did I snooze, but was watching on Winnipeg TV and the show ends with people sitting down to dinner with the two robbers….no ending, no credits just commercials and flows into the next tv show….was that Bell Fibe interfering with the broadcast or was there no closing credits on the last episode. Most unsatisfying.

    I have enjoyed the series, trust there will be more to come.

  10. I wanted to hate it (I felt a new adaptation would be disloyal to the Kevin Sullivan version), but I love it so much!!

  11. I felt it had a very uneasy ending with those robbers invited to dinner and maybe renting a room at the farm. There must be more to add, the ending spoilt a lovely series.
    Please tell me they are not leaving like that.

  12. I was so upset when they started going off book but then couldn’t stop watching every Sunday!!! The final was fabulous and the scene with Jerry singing was epic!!! This character has more to offer and I hope that in season 2 there will be a lot more of Jerry!!

  13. I too was upset when the story went off book, but I remain upset. So many of the changes were unnecessary. Moira Walley-Beckett has done a disservice to young girls. And I don’t believe she read this story when she was a girl. She says, “I read between the lines to mine what isn’t there but has been there all along.” Do that with your own story, Ms Wally-Beckett, not with this classic. Pistols in the parlour? Letting the stable boy into your bed? Bad men lurking on the streets and threatening who knows what in the next episode. This is a book for not-quite-pubescent girls — let them have their last few months before you impose adult problems on them. I am thankful to remember the exquisite treatment of scenery, the long slow silent takes of beach and fields, snow scenes you can almost smell. And a brilliant cast. But, “Honey, give me rewrite” of the finale.

  14. I love the show and want more. Great acting and story. I recorded the last show and my Dvr did not record it. I’m so upset as I’ve tried finding it online to watch but can’t access it. Please tell me how to see it. Please make this show a priority in getting season 2 going. Please!

      1. Nadia You can get Anne on iTunes and I believe it is coming to Netflix.

    1. If you have Shaw Cable you can find it in their ‘on demand’ section. And without commercials there too!

  15. I loved the story “Anne”. I can hardly wait until it comes back on for Season 2. I hope it has more episodes though. Loved the characters… loved everything.

  16. I’ve watched and rewatched the Kevin Sullivan Anne so many times I’ve lost count. I was leery of another Anne (especially after the very lack lustre Gilbert in the YTV made for tv movies Anne). But this show was epic. A delight to watch and scenes that I viewed over and over and over again. It’s gritty and real in the best ways while still showcasing the imaginative and talks a mile a minute Anne.
    Superb acting with an excellent ensemble cast. I anticipated every Sunday so much :D Gilbert was fabulous!
    CBC give us more very quickly please!!!

  17. Love this show., so refreshing to watch good clean tv. Please continue to season two:)

  18. Love this show., so refreshing to watch good clean tv. Please continue to season two:)

  19. I do watch TWD so I recognize a WD ending when I see one. No-one knows the evil lurking in men’s hearts except the faithful WD fan. Why does such a wonderful show with great acting, scenery and characters fall back to the introduction of a psycopath – at the table – to advance the story. Strange. Is he going to fall onto the floor in remorse or will he and his partner follow the inclination they have already demonstrated. Maybe I’m wrong – happy to be wrong. Psychopaths get a lot of action as characters and they are so often used.

  20. I was skeptical, but this is a good show, and the perfect Anne. During the pilot when she cries out of despair on the ground, I knew they’d picked the right child actress. Not everyone could pull off that scene as so genuine.

  21. This is such a great adaptation of one of my favourite childhood stories. Amybeths’ portrayal of “Anne” is outstanding! Of course each and everyone involved in the making of this show should be commended. It is fantastic! I hope season two is right around the corner….Can’t wait!

  22. Where is episode 8? That wasn’t a series end. Not tantalising, and not consistent with either the book or the very different but still rewarding alternative Anne of the rest of the series. I felt they bottled it in reaching for tired old sensationalist tropes.

    1. You’re right, it seems like it was set up for at least another season of Anne. I’m betting Season 2 will be greenlit soon.

  23. Terrible end to a great Season 1.

    I thought initially that ‘Shaw on Demand’ had failed to upload the entire episode.

    Anyone know when Season 2 will start? Can’t wait.

  24. Oh noooo I just finished episode 7 without knowing until just now it was the last one!!! Anyone knows if season 1 is complete? Anything about a second season? I absolutely loved this show, it is so well done and the main actress is just perfect

  25. I Love the cinematography and the honest storytelling. I look forward to watching the rest of Annes experience.

  26. Please show season 2 as soon as possible! I love love love this series!
    I do not have Anne’s vocabulary but I adore her and the show. All of the characters are interesting and I love how you are shoring the older characters and their dissapointments in life. Beautifully filmed, real entertainment at it’s best. Thank you!!

  27. Very captivated by this series…so well shot, written, acted, etc. I even convinced my family to watch an episode with me and they were hooked from there on in :) Really hope Season 2 is not far off!

  28. I absolutely loved this programme. I watched it on Netflix and watched a couple of programmes a night. There has to be another series the way the season finale finished, Look forward to seeing another series, please don’t make us wait too long.

  29. I love this show. I just get in trans while watching. The gentleman that plays the father figure is so sweet and genuine it just makes me cry. So much is so true that I see in my students. Kids will be kids no matter what ages. Please let there be a Season 2 I would love for it to continue. It is so hard to find good show anymore that don’t deal with crime and sex. Please post when season 2 will start.

  30. I agree it’s so hard to find wholesome shows that deal with values of hard work and unconditional love. I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables with my mom and I love this fresh new series.

  31. I have really enjoyed Season One. The actors are superb especially Anne’s character. I’m anxiously awaiting Season 2! How long do we have to wait?

  32. Wow, just discovered that show on Netflix. I love it and can’t wait for season 2. That is one show i can watch with my kids without fear so far.

  33. Finally a great tv show to watch. I loved it. Very disappointed if there is no season 2. PLEASE!!!!

  34. I’m in love with Anne!! I watched all 7 episodes in one day and I’m hoping to have more!! Can’t wait for episode 2 please bring it out soon!! Thank you for thinking movie!

  35. Anne is a delight! Waiting for season 2. Why is there any question of another season? It is excellent. Fantastic acting!

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