Season 2 of Bellevue being developed, but show seeks a new home

It turns out Bellevue‘s fate is as mysterious as the show itself. After reporting last Friday that a second season was being developed for CBC came a troubling update: there is no home for the Anna Paquin-Shawn Doyle led series after all.

Co-creator, Episode 1 director and executive producer Adrienne Mitchell contacted TV, Eh? on Tuesday night with the following information:

“To clarify, though Season 2 of Bellevue has been in development with CBC, unfortunately, production of a follow-up season is currently not moving forward,” Mitchell wrote. “We are incredibly proud of our talented cast and crew who worked so tirelessly to bring this beautiful series to life. We also feel there are more stories to tell and we’ll be looking for other opportunities to bring this to fruition. In a town like Bellevue, the future is never as it seems!”

Fellow Bellevue co-creator Jane Maggs is going to be part of next month’s Writers Talking TV event—find details on how to attend that here—and we’re sure the topic of a new home for the program will come up. Produced by Mitchell and Janis Lundman’s Back Alley Film Productions Ltd. and Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Bellevue was co-created by Mitchell and Maggs with the latter serving as senior writer, executive producer and co-showrunner with Mitchell.

Season 1 of Bellevue starred Anna Paquin as Annie Rider, a brilliant but troubled cop in the town of Bellevue whose past returned to haunt her following the death of a transgender teen. During the course of her investigation, old wounds were opened and secrets revealed, putting her at odds with her ex-husband, Eddie (Allen Leech), her superior, Police Chief Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle) and putting the relationship with her daughter, Daisy (Madison Ferguson) in jeopardy. Season 1 also starred Billy MacLellan, Sharon Taylor, Janine Theriault, Amber Goldfarb and Sadie O’Neil.

Listen to Maggs discuss her career and the creation of Bellevue during our recent podcast and read Carolyn Potts’ reviews; here’s the link to her season finale review.

Where do you think Bellevue should go if it doesn’t return to CBC? Comment below.


8 thoughts on “Season 2 of Bellevue being developed, but show seeks a new home”

    1. I think it should come to the United all her fans can watch it. Also maybe fox or NBC or somewhere.

  1. This seems like a perfect show for a network like Showcase, & would fit Global, Crime & Investigation, W & other Shaw networks for rebroadcast. Its similarities to CTV’s Cardinal would make it less likely Bell Media would be interested, but who knows? Good luck, Bellevue!

    1. Totally agree with you. A perfect fit for Showcase or Bravo or TMN/HBO Canada. We’re running out of places for dark, gritty programming to air in this country.

  2. CBC is missing a wonderful opportunity to develop their reputation for programming. I do hope Bellevue finds a new home. TMN/HBO Canada (or even Netflix) would be a good choice. I enjoyed this show and would love to see another season.

  3. Why not UK? And we loved it on Sky Box set and were so disappointed to hear it may not renew

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