Links: Orphan Black

From Michael Schneider of Variety:

Link: Orphan Black cast, crew reflect on genre-bending show’s strange trip
“It was the crazy Canadian clone show that could. But it really has become a pop culture-defining show. [It took] big storytelling swings, but it also had an emotional heart and depth to it…. It’s a rather rare mix of serious things, social provocation and wit. There’s something quite unique and brilliant about that.” Continue reading.

From David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle:

Link: Co-star Garavis’ goodbyes to Orphan Black and all the clones
“It was very strange to leave behind five years of your life. Acting becomes very intimate, and you go through these emotions. So it’s very discombobulating afterwards to find the frequency of your relationships just as people.” Continue reading.

From Sarah Hughes of The Guardian:

Link: Send in the clones: Orphan Black, TV’s smartest show, is back
This clever Canadian import – an addictive blend of revenge drama and sci-fi thriller – is that rare thing on TV these days: a mythology-heavy plot twister with characters so well-crafted, and lines so intelligently written, that you genuinely, deeply care about what happens to them. Continue reading.

From Alicia Lutes of Nerdist:

Link: Orphan Black’s final season is the ending it deserves
Over the course of the previous four seasons, the series has managed to do what, before its premiere, felt largely un-accomplishable on television: make a thrilling, conspiracy-laden science fiction series—populated by a hero’s slate of fully dimensional female characters—that plays foil to the myriad issues facing women in our society today. Continue reading.

From Brian Truitt of USA Today:

Link: Tatiana Maslany looks back on five seasons of her Orphan Black clones
It takes most actresses several projects to get 11 different personalities on their resume. Tatiana Maslany just needed five seasons of a single TV series.

“Got it all done in one show. Now there’s no more characters to do!” the Orphan Black star says, laughing. Continue reading.

From Victoria Ahearn of The Canadian Press:

Link: Orphan Black’s final season caps a landmark show for Canadian TV
When Tatiana Maslany first stepped onto the Toronto set of “Orphan Black” in 2012, doubt crept into her mind.

“I was like, ‘How do we get through a season of this show?'” recalled the Regina native, who’s blown away audiences by playing multiple clones with vastly different personalities. “‘How do we do this, how do we pull this off, how do I embody these characters?’ It was just a moment-to-moment challenge.” Continue reading.

From Hermoine Wilson of The TV Junkies:

Link: Orphan Black: Evelyne Brochu tips her hat to Cophine shippers
“What I was most excited about was getting some answers, and I think the viewers will be super happy because there will be answers. But in terms of my character, I obviously wanted to know how Cosima and Delphine would end up and there’s going to be answers regarding that as well.” Continue reading. 

From Eliza Thompson of Cosmopolitan:

Link: Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany on what to expect from the show’s final season
“We start on the island right where we left off last season, with Sarah mortally injured and crawling her way to some kind of safety. All of the clones are disparate and separate and trying to come back together. I think the whole story’s really about how individuals are stronger in groups. We’re stronger in communities.” Continue reading.

From Carli Velocci of The Wrap:

Link: Orphan Black showrunner credits Six Feet Under, The Sopranos for show’s existence
“We really dug into the hard cloning, but [also] coalesced the themes of nature vs. nurture and body autonomy and really realizing how deeply feminist the show had to be or else it would be missing a real terrific chance.” Continue reading.

From Jackie Hong of the Toronto Star:

Link: Orphan Black Season promises answers, though not always happy ones
“It’s a heavy show and it’s a heavier season than most, because we’ve got to get to a lot of answers and the answers aren’t necessarily always happy . . . (but) it’s time to get those answers. Like, how long can you string an audience?” Continue reading.

From Jeff Dedekker of the Regina-Leader Post:

Link: Tatiana Maslany will always have Orphan Black
“We’ve definitely explored a lot about identity and the science behind the cloning and that sort of stuff but there’s always more to do and there’s always more we could’ve done. But I’m really happy the series leaves an impact of questions and a legacy of characters and women’s stories that will inspire more. It exists within a bigger conversation about science right now, autonomy and the world.” Continue reading.