Links: Wynonna Earp

From Daniela Costa of NBC News:

Link: Wynonna Earp star Dominique Provost-Chalkley dishes on new season
Fans of Syfy’s supernatural drama “Wynonna Earp” are in for a treat come the show’s season 2 premiere on June 9, so says fan favorite Dominique Provost-Chalkley.

“If I thought that Waverly had a huge arc in the first season, it doesn’t even compare to what we have in store this season,” she told NBC Out. Continue reading.

From Jen Stayrook of The Workprint:

Wynonna Earp Season 2 review: A hilarious, non-stop adventure and it’s so, so gay
There’s a darkness in Waverly we haven’t seen before. Whether it’s how she truly feels or a consequence of the black goo remains to be seen, but the end result is that Dominique Provost-Chalkey can act her pants off. Continue reading.

From Maureen Ryan of Variety:

TV Review: Wynonna Earp Season 2
That’s a long way of saying that the first four episodes of Season 2 are focused and fun. If you need a weekly treat that takes advantage of every meaning of the word “stakes,” this may be the show for you. And this year, everyone, from the writing staff to the directors to the extremely game cast, has dialed in on exactly how to come at this material. Continue reading. 

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Wynonna Warp’s Melanie Scrofano says Wynonna must trust her instincts in Season 2
“Season 2 starts off right after Season 1 and she just has to jump right in. She’s just gone through this horrible tragedy again, only this time she’s the cause of it, and now Dolls, her mentor/lover/question mark, has been taken. She’s got to navigate all of this on her own instincts which is really scary for her, but all she can do is forge ahead because if she stops even for a second, she’ll realize how in over her head she is and how much she’s lost.” Continue reading.

From Eric Volmers of Postmedia:

Link: “We really get into a lot of trouble”; Wynonna Earp’s second season debuts Friday on Space
It was just under a year ago that the cast of Wynonna Earp was informed they would be returning to Calgary to shoot a second season. It wasn’t complete surprise. By that point, the supernatural modern western was already earning a devoted fan base. Continue reading. 

From Nivea Serrao of Entertainment Weekly:

Link: Wynonna Earp boss Emily Andras talks “bigger, badder, better” Season 2
“Now Wynonna takes some responsibility and has people in her life who support her, but she also feels responsible for, who she cares for. So it’s about her trying to keep this dysfunctional family together as they really work on becoming a team.” Continue reading.

From Melissa Girimonte of The Televixen:

Link: Melanie Scrofano on higher stakes in Wynonna Earp Season 2
“Anyone in view of the Earp curse and of Wynonna herself is in some way going to be affected, and those bonds are going to be tested with anybody. The curse is pretty high maintenance and I’ll say that it tests Wynonna to her limit. Any time somebody is tested like that, there’s going to be fallout elsewhere.” Continue reading.