Comments and queries for the week of June 16

All the [Murdoch Mysteries] fans are anxious to see what happens for Season 11 and which characters survive. It is so much suspense and thrilling. I look forward to the episodes in Season 11 in September 2017. However, probably the episodes for Season 11 will not be shown on Acorn TV till January of 2018. I have college and NFL football seasons at least to keep me busy. —Jean

Love this show and my husband and I just love the witty banter between the characters. Agreed that this is all a ruse and that they need time to go after the bad dudes. All in all best show on TV and looking forward to the upcoming season. —Helen

I am so happy that Mary Kills People is being renewed! It opens up to a subject that MANY people have thought about, but no one talks about. And it shows ALL the sides to the issues that arise when someone is terminally ill. VERY well written, and I hope it goes on for many more seasons! —Debbie

That’s a shame [about You Gotta Eat Here! being cancelled]. A fun show and I have seen many posters in little places across the country [reading] “Featured on You Gotta Eat Here.” Clearly the show was connecting with fans and eateries everywhere. Congrats to John and the team for a solid run of five years. Since this is Canada, that’s like a 20-year run in another country. —Gary

The cancellation of YGEH sucks! Loved John Catucci and used the show’s recommendations during our retirement travels. We will miss it for sure. —Bob

What a ridiculously short-sighted programming decision. And to make matters worse, we are going to have to endure yet another Bobby Flay series along with the too-too-over-exposed Giada DeLaurentiis and, of course, the insufferable Guy Fieri. Catucci’s series has not “reached its natural end.” How do you gauge how popular a show is? Most of us watch You Gotta Eat Here! re-runs four or five times. Reconsider this cancellation or give John another vehicle. Don’t lose him. He’s a gem. —Michelle

Sour taste left on the palette with this news. YGEH is a great food/travel show that has no equal. Guy Fieri is an impossible personality to identify with, Bobby Flay is a bore, Giada has had more than enough time. I hope this only means the Food Network and John have something else cooking. John Catucci did wonders introducing me (and all of Canada) to great food in my own town I didn’t know was there. This is a foul meal to digest. —Dave


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