Links: Cardinal

From Amy Glynn of Paste:

Link: Hulu’s Cardinal Is a Watchable, but Not Unmissable, Whiteout Noir
Actually, Cardinal had me unconvinced at first, but I warmed up to it because of the delicate precision with which it anatomizes people uncovering one another’s hidden layers and buried secrets and old traumas. Continue reading.

From Rob Thomas of The Captial Times:

Link: Bingeworthy: Hulu’s ‘Cardinal’ finds murder and corruption in the Great White North
“Cardinal” is engrossing and deliberately paced, and as a native Canadian and now Wisconsinite, I’ve seldom seen the impenetrable white of a Canadian winter portrayed on screen as well as it is here. So, even though it’s the dog days of summer, wrap up in a blanket and get pulled into this chilling mystery series. Continue reading.

From Josh Sorokach of Decider:

Link: Embrace The Soothing Paint-By-Number Charms Of Crime Thriller ‘Cardinal’
Already renewed by CTV for two more seasons, the confident drama knows exactly what it is and plays to its strengths, which includes Campbell’s doleful portrayal of dogged detective John Cardinal.  Continue reading.

From David Wiegand of SF Gate:

Link: Multiple mysteries keep ‘Cardinal’ flying on Hulu
Screenwriter Aubrey Nealon is masterfully stingy with the script, carefully doling out information about Cardinal and other characters in very small but tantalizing doses.

The performances are quite good, although Campbell speaks all of his lines is a somewhat loud whisper. It feels at times like an affectation, but otherwise, he invests the right about of credible angst to make the character compelling. Continue reading.