Private Eyes: William Shatner guest-stars

I enjoy what William Shatner brings to a television show. He adds a certain gravitas to a role that I’ve loved since Boston Legal. This week he adds his panache to Thursday’s new episode of Private Eyes as a rival to Angie and Shade’s business.

Here’s what Global’s official episode synopsis says about “The PI Code,” written by Derek Schreyer and directed by Sudz Sutherland.

Shade and Angie are hired by a stunning lawyer, Melanie Parker, to look into jury-tampering in the high-profile murder case she’s prosecuting. During their investigation, they stumble upon a rival PI, Norm Glinski (guest star William Shatner), working the opposite side of the bench. With the odds stacked against them, our PIs find evidence that may put the entire case, and their careers, in jeopardy. 

And here’s a few more tidbits we can add after watching a screener.

Private Eyes goes dark
Listen, we’re not talking about HBO’s True Detective here, but the case Angie and Shade are involved in is more violent than the tales we’ve seen before. The humour we’ve come to expect is still there though.

William Shatner isn’t the only guest star
Veteran actor Ron Lea plays an attorney,  ET Canada‘s Sangita Patel shows up as—you guessed it—a reporter and Bree Williamson portrays lawyer Melanie Parker, who makes an immediate impact on Shade if you know what I mean. And Murdoch Mysteries fans will recognize Daiva Johnston, a.ka. Eva Pearce, in a key role.

Speaking of catching one’s eye…
Don seems to have a lady friend. Good for him!

As for Mr. Shatner…
He’s a delight as Norm Glinski who, as he says, “puts the dick in private dick.” He’s a liar, a cheater and a thief. And, of course, Angie and Shade have to interact with him.

Private Eyes airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

Images courtesy of Corus.