Saving Hope: Sensitive Skin’s Don McKellar guest-stars

Will Hope Zion lose any more members? Last week, Maggie bid farewell to Zach, Alex and her co-workers to throw caution to the wind and jet to London to be with Sydney. Syd skipped her flight to stay and be with Maggie … so is Maggie still going to leave Hope Zion or will she be back?

That isn’t revealed in Thursday’s new episode, “Problem Child,” but we do get a treasure trove of other emotional goodies and notable guest stars. Here’s what CTV says about the instalment.

Dr. Alex Reid struggles to find out what’s causing the erratic behaviour of a former model student when he comes into the E.R. after hurting himself breaking into his neighbour’s house. As Alex works to determine the problem, Dr. Charlie Harris speaks with the spirit version of the child to try to find out what has been causing his behavioural changes. When one of Dr. Dev Sekara’s childhood friends is brought into the hospital after being beaten, questions arise as to who’s at fault, and if the beating was racially motivated. Meanwhile, Dr. Dawn Bell’s favourite heart patient becomes discouraged by the amount of time’s spent waiting for his transplant. A lottery winner, he’s given almost all of his prize money away, and with the remainder would like to open an animal sanctuary, so Dawn comes up with an idea that will allow him to leave the hospital and do his good Samaritan work.

And here are some non-spoilery storyline details we can give after watching the episode written by Aaron Bala and Patrick Tarr and directed by Teresa Hannigan.

Shahir in shorts!
Now that he’s back on board with regard to adopting, Shahir goes all out to impress in his and Jonathan’s interview. That includes the classic “Dad look.”

Don McKellar guest stars
We’re still sad over Sensitive Skin‘s cancellation, so it’s great to see McKellar back on TV and in such a juicy storyline. McKellar is Dr. Amos Carver, the new staff psychiatrist. And with everything that’s been going on in Charlie’s life, let’s just say the good doctor is keen to have a chat. And keep your eyes peeled for Sunnyside co-creator Dan Redican, who has an impact on Dawn’s heart transplant patient.

Dawn + Zach = a bit of conflict
Introducing someone new to your children can be complicated, as the duo is quickly finding out.

Dev gets some airtime
We love the key cast as much as anyone else, but we enjoy it when the (relative) newbies get screen time. Dev gets plenty on Thursday when his childhood best friend is brought into the ER in rough shape. A police officer’s strange reaction leads to a shocking truth about what happened to Dev’s friend … and an intimate conversation with Shahir.

Saving Hope airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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  1. My bet: Dr. Amos Carver is a ghost! That’s going to turn Charlies world more upside down than it already is. Just sayin

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