Amazing Race Canada: Teamwork and Express Passes in small-town B.C.

No one wants to be eliminated from The Amazing Race Canada, especially when you have an Express Pass in your back pocket. It’s hard to know exactly when to use the pass. Do you waste it because you have it and might as well, or should you wait for a strategic moment?

Alas, Megan and Courtney found out the hard way on Tuesday night when they were eliminated from the Race without getting a chance to use the Express Pass that Kenneth and Ryan gave them. I felt bad for the friends from Newfoundland, especially because they’d been in first place during last week’s Leg and were a hoot to watch. It will be interesting to see how Kenneth and Ryan fare now that the girls are gone; they’d given them the Express Pass in exchange for help in challenges and that paid off in the tent test.

Speaking of Kenneth and Ryan, they were forced to use their Express Pass to ensure they finished the Leg ahead of other teams. Forget big cities; it was small B.C. towns Castlegar and Nelson that threw everyone for a loop with a detail-oriented camping challenge and map-related tests in Nelson. It was during this Leg that hidden talents and Achilles heels were revealed. Ivana and Korey may not excel when it comes to directions—they spent a long time wondering where the heck they were—but showed a gift for pottery when they arrived at the Throw It Detour and blasted past the teams who’d been struggling there for awhile. Andrea’s graphic design and arts background served she and Adam well during the tent and pottery tests, putting them in third place.

Zed and Shabbir hit their stride, literally, nailing every challenge in pretty quick succession on the way to a first-place spot on the mat and a trip to Chicago.

Karen and Bert—who are quickly becoming my favourites because of his cheesy dad jokes and her facial expressions—were confident using their Express Pass put them in first place and were shocked when Jon Montgomery informed them they were in the middle of the pack. That just illustrates to me how far apart duos were during this Leg; unless you were working with another team you were pretty much on your own and unaware of how others were doing.

Kenneth and Ryan, who dedicated the Leg to the memories of Will and Dave, two of Ryan’s college friends who died skiing in the area, struggled to make two hooks out of iron in the Strike It Detour and utlilized their Express Pass just to stay alive. There was a silver lining for them, however: they were awarded $5,000 from Chevrolet for being the most energy-efficient during the Leg.

Next week the teams go international for the first time this season as they jet to China.

Here’s how the teams finished Leg 3:

  1. Zed and Shabbir (trip for two to Chicago)
  2. Korey and Ivana
  3. Andrea and Adam
  4. Sam and Paul
  5. Karen and Bert (used Express Pass)
  6. Kenneth and Ryan (used Express Pass; won $5,000)
  7. Andrea and Ebonie
  8. Megan and Courtney (eliminated)

The Amazing Race Canada

airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m ET/PT on CTV.

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One thought on “Amazing Race Canada: Teamwork and Express Passes in small-town B.C.”

  1. Moe of a detail oriented episode with the tasks.
    You can sort of get lost even in Canada but not overnight like in the US Race, Korey & Ivana made a real comeback.
    All 3 EPs gone in one episode, the episode after they were released. Wow.
    Another footrace which is cool.
    International next week, I’m hoping they don’t undercut in with a non-elim but we are due.
    TARC always has more intense water challenges.
    Poor Bert so deflated when they got 5th.
    Giver guys alternate between being annoying and being somewhat strategic.

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