Amazing Race Canada battles cabs and heat in Beijing

Regular reader DanAmazing said he expected last week’s Leg of The Amazing Race Canada to be a non-elimination. So was I. The timing was right for it, and it would have given Megan and Courtney the opportunity to leave the country for at least one Leg.

So, was Beijing, China, the location where the final team would be spared and able to keep Racing? With all three Express Passes being used—or in the case of Megan and Courtney, eliminated along with them—the teams were evenly matched once again. (If you want some great behind-the-scenes insight into what challenges Insight Productions faced filming in China, read Bill Brioux and Jim Slotek’s columns.)

Zed and Shabbir were the first out of the gate and headed to the Great Wall of China. The father and son team have proved to be shrewd and cunning with brain games and able to duke it out with others in the physical challenges too. That makes for a very strong duo. Teams didn’t simply hop a flight from Kootenay, B.C., to Vancouver for another jet to China, however. First, they needed to find Sinorama Travel. No one got lost or delayed during the side trip, though the gift of panda key chains gave Korey and Ivana the opportunity to reveal they called themselves Team Panda, and hoped this was a good luck charm. It didn’t start out well for Team Panda. Korey and Ivana were plagued by the first slow cab of this season and worried they’d be the last team to arrive at the Great Wall. They swapped rides and got back into the groove … in last place.

Meanwhile, at the Wall itself, first-place arrivals Andrea and Adam were confounded by their first challenge: to memorize a walking tour and deliver it to a group of tourists in English, French and Mandarin. The siblings were a step ahead of most teams because they know French. Mandarin? Not so much. Ebonie’s television presenter background meant she could memorize a script well; others, like Bert and Karen, tried rap as a way to keep the language beats organized and Sam and Paul sang. Andrea and Ebonie were the first team to complete the task—on their first try, no less—and were off to the next test. They were quickly followed by Zed and Shabbir, Sam and Paul, Adam and Andrea, Kenneth and Ryan and Karen and Bert. Ivana and Korey departed in last place.

The next test took place at the Canadian embassy, where teams were to interrupt a game of road hockey and advance. It was a short visit, but enough to inject a little Canada into the Leg.

This week’s Detour, “In Sync” or “In Line,” was tough. Squads either stripped down to do synchronized dives in “In Sync,” or dressed up to perform a dance routine. (I would have chosen the dance.) Zed and Shabbir opted to just go for it rather than practice and that decision paid off; they departed the dive in first. Ebonie and Andrea, meanwhile, go worse the more they practiced and switched to dancing. Karen and Bert were the first to nail the dancing—and looked fab doing it—and were off. Ivana’s tweaky back meant she and Korey had to abandon the diving in favour of the dance.

The Road Block delved into China’s history of medicine, challenging a team member to fill a prescription using herbal medicines written out in Chinese. Sam’s attention to detail and studying to become a doctor came into play and he leapt past Shabbir and Kenneth to give he and Paul the lead. Zed and Shabbir were close behind,

This week’s Pit Stop was located at Beijing’s drum tower, where Sam and Paul scored their first first-place finish this season; the dating couple landed a trip back to China. Zed and Shabbir were right there, in second place.

Korey and Ivana, who had been playing catch-up all Leg long, vaulted past Ebonie and Andrea to take the last spot on the mat. Luckily for them, and as I suspected, this was a non-eliminaton Leg, so the business partners are around for at least one more jaunt.

Here’s how the teams finished this Leg of the Race:

  1. Sam and Paul (trip to China)
  2. Zed and Shabbir
  3. Adam and Andrea
  4. Kenneth and Ryan
  5. Karen and Bert
  6. Ivana and Korey
  7. Andrea and Ebonie (non-elimination Leg)

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.


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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Ahh product placement and the Proud to be Canadian angle. TARC specialty
    Last to first and taxi drama.
    Dive must be harder than it looks. After you lose the height fear you would think it was easier.
    Needle in a haystack Roadblock. Great equalizer gives someone in the back a chance rather then be out pretty much the whole episode.
    The locals reaction to Korey picking her up.
    3 cities in 24 hours should be interesting.
    Are they doing another After the Race halfway through the season again?

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