Dark Matter visits Earth in rollicking, rocking episode

Come on, Space and Syfy! When are you going to make your Season 4 announcement for Dark Matter? I was hoping the good news would come last week at Comic-Con, but no. (The news Wynonna Earp got a third season order tempered the pain a bit.)

But enough whining. It’s time to talk about this week’s new episode of Dark Matter, and Friday’s tale is the most fun of the season so far. Yes, it even beats out Three and the Android singing in French and playing the spoons. Everyone gets a chance to flex their comic timing and the payoff for fans is incredible.

Here’s what Space says about “Isn’t that a Paradox?” written by co-creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie and directed by Craig David Wallace:

When the Blink Drive self-activates during a diagnostic, it transports the Raza and its crew through space and time.

And here are some juicy tidbits we gleaned from watching a screener.

That pesky Blink Drive
Ryo wants it, the Raza crew have it. At the end of last week’s instalment the darned, damaged thing had sent out some sort of energy pulse that rendered everyone on board unconscious and the Android offline. We pick up in the moments after that pulse, with everyone waking up and wondering where they are. Turns out, they should be asking themselves when too. Just think of how powerful the drive really is, and what it means for the person who owns it and can control their place in time and space.

Stranger things
We love a good time travel story and Mallozzi and Mullie have come up with a humdinger. Low on supplies and without an answer as to why the drive did what it did, the Raza heads to the closest planet to them: our Earth. What ensues is a wonderful mix of fish out of water antics, modern-day societal labels and a killer soundtrack. (“Sweet Home Alabama,” anyone?) I haven’t seen this much time travel fun since Star Trek: The Voyage Home. If I didn’t want the Raza crew back in their own time so much I’d be happy to have them stay in this one. Of course, to get back to their time, our heroes could make a decision impacting the future of time they’re in. Paradox.

The Android is the bomb
Zoie Palmer’s portrayal of The Android has been fantastic, but this week’s script allows her to really play in the comedy sandbox. References to car rentals, reward points and her becoming attuned to the music of the day provide several laugh-out-loud moments. That she’s able to use her body to even subtly provide physical humour is a testament to her acting chops.

Seán Cullen guest stars
Comedian Cullen doesn’t look happy in the above image. We don’t blame him. He may be introduced as Professor Brophy from the local high school, but that’s just a cover. And who he really is is integral to the crew’s success. Also? We get a peek at a future Dark Matter guest too.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Space.

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