Comments and queries for the week of July 28

Personally, I would have eliminated Cheryl before either Erin or Natasha [on ET Canada]. Erin and Natasha were very down to earth and approachable. Cheryl is too much into herself. Does not carry herself well. Even standing still she is very affected. Roz is a keeper. —Lynn

So, no representation on ET Canada outside of Toronto? There is more film and television production in Vancouver and British Columbia than anywhere else in Canada, yet Corus feels they don’t need a West Coast correspondent any longer? Never mind as well Vancouver’s proximity to Los Angeles and California. What are these people thinking? I agree, Erin comes across as natural and down to earth, while the Toronto gang is all about their outfits and what they are wearing. Sometimes, I feel they think it’s all about them and they are the story! Hello, you people are there to report and interview celebrities, you’re not the celebrities. Here’s an idea, cut the wardrobe budget for the show and you wouldn’t have to lay anybody off! —Mike

I’m not impressed with Corus. Income Property, Leave It to Bryan and Timber Kings are three of my favourite shows. They represent Canada for God sakes!! —Mel

Corus’ ratings are going to decrease. Canadian shows such as Income Property and Leave It to Bryan are very popular. I will no longer be watching ET Canada or Global. —Sheila

How dare they cancel Income Property. You said everything well. Sangita is more personable than Cheryl. What are they thinking? Why not cancel ET Canada? It won’t be worth watching. You are right. It isn’t all about T.O. Will not be watching Global. —Lynn


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