Link: Dark Matter: Joseph Mallozzi talks “Built, Not Born”

From Kelly Townsend of The TV Junkies:

Link: Dark Matter: Joseph Mallozzi talks “Built, Not Born”
“There’s a lot going on in the episode, and one of the ways I find that you can really reveal this information in an entertaining way is through the connections between the characters. In this case it’s the Android who finds out about her past and she reacts how she reacts. It’s interesting to see how she plays off the different characters.” Continue reading.

Link: Dark Matter: Zoie Palmer on the depth of Android’s emotions
“I love playing the Android, I really do, and it’s been one of the biggest challenges in my career, for sure. But, of course, playing her every single episode, sometimes it’s so much fun to do anything else. And they do that for me a lot. Joe [Mallozzi] is really open to giving me the chance to play around and do other things.” Continue reading.