Links: Wynonna Earp

From Dalene Rovenstine of Entertainment Weekly:

Link: Wynonna Earp EP discusses Rosita’s past, Nicole’s fate, and that creepy doll’s origin
“She’s definitely a reluctant revenant, and according to the story she told Waverly, one who was caught in Wyatt Earp’s crossfire vs. a stone cold criminal. I think she really does like Waverly Earp (who doesn’t?) and truly believes in love — so Rosita meant it when she urged Waverly to go get her girl, Nicole.” Continue reading.


From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Wynonna Earp: Emily Andras talks “Forever Mine Nevermind”
“It’s interesting that the Widows are on different paths and you really see that come to fruition in next episode. It’s interesting that there’s a power struggle going on there, and it’s interesting that Mercedes is weakening from the Peacemaker gunshot wound. She seems to be rotting from the inside out, or her witch body is rejecting Mercedes’ face, and it’s the worst transplant ever.” Continue reading.

From Sci-Fi Vision:

Link: Exclusive: Wynonna Earp’s Tim Rozon Talks Rings, Revenants, and More
“I think Doc has no problems keeping people’s secrets, even if it’s something like that. I mean, he can see past that, right? Wynonna’s the one who kills revenants, not Doc. That’s not his purpose in Purgatory.” Continue reading.