Dark Matter: Boobs and black goo

Credit to Dark Matter co-creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie for continuing to up the ante when it comes to jaw-dropping episodes this season. Just when I didn’t think the series could generate any more shocks it does.

Last Friday fans were blown away to discover the Android’s origin story and her ties to Two. It turns out the Android was created by Dr. Irena Shaw in her image as a potential replacement body for the ailing scientist. Shaw and Two—then known as Rebecca—were in a relationship and Rebecca took the Android with her to the Raza as part of the crew. Through Victor, we got some key footage of life onboard the Raza before the mind wipe happened, and Sarah was given an android body for her consciousness, reopening the door for her and Three to have a relationship. Too bad Shaw had to leave before Sarah’s transition was complete.

This Friday it’s “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy,” written by Paul Mullie and directed by Steve DiMarco. The last time we visited Dwarf Star Technologies it was for more Two back story. Would that be the case this time? Space’s episode synopsis hints the following:

One of the Android’s newly discovered memories leads the crew to a suspicious Dwarf Star facility on Nova 17.

As always, here a few more spoiler-free facts from us prior to the broadcast.

“What the hell?”
Three took the words right out of our mouths. The “Previously On,” intro reminds viewers of Dwarf Star, Alexander Rook, Two’s nanites and the mysterious black goo that took over Three. The episode begins with Three waking up … and then things get spooky, weird and downright scary.

Six vs. Two
These two have been sparring all season long on the intricacies of what’s right, wrong and their responsibilities when it comes to the fight against Ferrous Corp. That’s no different when “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy” begins as the Raza sits outside the atmosphere on Nova 17; they verbally spar while Three warns he has a bad feeling about Nova 17.

Wynonna Earp‘s Kate Drummond guest stars
RIP Agent Lucado. Thankfully, we get Ms. Drummond playing in Dark Matter‘s sandbox as a Lieutenant in the Mikkei Combine … and no fan of the Raza crew. Turns out everyone is looking for Alexander Rook, especially because of some tech he’s developed that is eerily similar to Two. That opens up a Pandora’s Box of secrets, plans and intel on how Rook became so powerful.

The Android goes for a brand-new look
And we approve. We also love the little scene between the Android and Two over, um, packaging and fashion advice. It’s all part of the Android’s realization and exploration of who she is.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Space.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.