Links: ‘Orphan Black’ series finale

From Dominic Patten of Deadline:

Link: ‘Orphan Black’ Co-Creator Talks Series Finale, Movie Reunion & #Clone Club
“We imagined that the finale really was going to boil down to Sarah and Helena, and that we were going to have to deal with P.T. Westmoreland. We knew that, critically, we were going to have a really kind of dirty, awful, nasty birth, and that that was going to be part of kind of this two-part finale.” Continue reading.

From Amber Dowling of The Hollywood Reporter:

Link: ‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany Talks Finale, Possible Sequel and What’s Next
“If there was some story that we really wanted to tell that fit in the OB universe and it was vital and different and new then that would be super cool. But we finished this before it trailed on too long so hopefully it left people wanting more as opposed to being like, “Thank God that’s over.” Continue reading.

From Devon Maloney of Vanity Fair:

Link: Orphan Black Science Consultant Cosima Herter Breaks Down the Series Finale
“We spent a lot of time thinking about how to depict prolongevity science, both in its glory and in its sinisterness. Who gets to live forever? It’s kind of insane. But there are so many different ways people are exploring how to prolong life, be it calorie restriction or eating chocolate and drinking red wine, or all the geographical areas we call the Blue Zone, where people seem to live far past 100 years old. There are cult followings, especially in the Silicon Valley area, where people like Peter Thiel are funneling billions of dollars into almost cult-like research.” Continue reading.

From Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly:

Link: Orphan Black creators answer series finale burning questions
“John and I sort of had a general ending in mind for quite a while. Helena’s been running around pregnant two seasons, so we knew that the finale was going to be having the twins, and technically we talked about that scene and how much that would mean to boil it down to Sarah and Helena.” Continue reading.

From Keisha Hatchett of TV Guide:

Link: Orphan Black Stars Break Down that Bittersweet Series Finale
“I felt satisfied and a bit…It was bittersweet but I think that is what the ending is supposed to be. Some people probably interpret it as a happy ending. I didn’t interpret it that way. It’s not tidy. I mean, our show has never been tidy. I think that’s the point. And relationships and human beings are not tidy so it felt appropriate.” Continue reading. 

From Devon Maloney of Vulture:

Link: Orphan Black Showrunners Graeme Manson and John Fawcett on the ‘Emotional’ Series Finale
“I think we’re remarkably close to what we were planning. Of course, we didn’t have details. [But] around season three, we knew how the [rest of the series] was going to shape itself out. A while ago, John and I looked at our original notes from 2001, about what the story would be. Even those first cursory notes really have the seed of Orphan Black in them. All the sister characters are laid out.” Continue reading. 

From Jean Bentley of Marie Claire:

Link: Tatiana Maslany Says Goodbye to ‘Orphan Black’
“The finale was sort of like a two-parter—it had high-action intensity in the first half that felt connected to the world that we’ve been living in, which is so extreme and horrifying. But what I was really excited about, and what I think we were all interested in, was that quiet after—what happens when you actually have freedom but people aren’t able to move on? “ Continue reading. 

From Vlada Gelman of TVLine:

Link: Orphan Black Boss on Burning Qs About Kira’s Dad, Charlotte’s Future and More
“It’s a nice, little open thing of what could happen to Charlotte. I know that the fandom discussed her being adopted by Cosima and Delphine. I love that story, too. That’s a beautiful one to have in your imagination. I second that.” Continue reading.

From Scott Huver of Mashable:

Link: The touching way Tatiana Maslany said goodbye to her clones for the ‘Orphan Black’ finale
“It was weirdly sad saying goodbye to each individual. I think there was a week there where every night was somebody different. Different crew members were sad to say goodbye to this clone, or sad to say goodbye to this one. So it was a real intense process.” Continue reading.