Amazing Race Canada: Mayhem on Mother’s Day in Panama

After spending more time in Canada exploring this country, The Amazing Race Canada went international on Tuesday, jetting to Panama City where teams battled temperatures and tempers. My biggest questions heading into the Leg were whether or not Sam and Paul could dominate the way they did last week and if Ivana and Korey could pull themselves out of their recent lower-place finishes. With just two more Legs to the final three, everyone was on edge.

It was touching, and ingenious, for producers to celebrate Mother’s Day by spotlighting Karen, the only mother left in the competition. It offered a break from the frenzy of the competition and was an opportunity for viewers to throw their support behind the couple. I’ve liked them since the second Leg of the Race, but this season has been a little dry when it’s come to real personalities to cheer for.

Korey and Ivana began strongly, grabbing the first cab at the airport and speeding to the Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo. The building, a riot of bright colours and angles, offered the first clue of the Leg: well-hidden instructions to a seawall. Despite being in the lead cab, Ivanka and Korey were quickly outpaced by Team Give’er, Sam and Paul and Karen and Bert, who all had faster drivers. Leads changed quickly on the way to the seawall, and Sam and Paul jumped out early … and ran to the wrong spot. Karen and Bert arrived at the clue box first, unveiling a clothing-themed Road Block that involved memorizing an intricate Panamanian design and locating the one matching mola worn by a woman walking around the sprawling old town.

Karen, Korey, Adam, Paul and Ryan all chose to complete the task, an arduous thing that tested everyone’s patience as well as their stamina and attention to detail. Ryan thought he was looking for four butterflies in his design and walked right by the woman wearing the two butterflies he was keeping an eye out for. That left the door open for Paul, who identified his design and patiently waited for the woman wearing it to follow him back to the kiosk.

The Leg’s Detour was an interesting couple of choices. In “Up for a Drink,” teams were tasked with identifying five distinct flavours contained in a tray of craft beers. In “Down for the Count,” duos trained and then executed several sparring moves. (I would have chosen the beer, though heat may have lead to some lightheadedness.) Sam and Paul went with the beer, as did Adam and Andrea and Kenneth and Ryan. Ivana and Korey chose to box and with their personal trainer backgrounds, looked ready to deliver a knockout punch.

Sam and Paul were hilarious to watch, making choices, asking for refills and becoming more buzzed as the minutes went by. Frustrated, they departed for the boxing challenge, followed by Andrea and Adam and Kenneth and Ryan. Who knew tasting beer would be such a challenge? The only issue was that, like Sam and Paul, the teams were day drunk and having to throw punches.

Meanwhile, Karen’s Mother’s Day was the pits; she wandered all over the place without seeing the matching mola or anyone else at all really. In tears, she considered taking a penalty; she re-read the clue and realized she’d been in the wrong spot the entire time. They were off to throw some punches and still in the Race.

Korey and Ivana were monsters in the ring and departed after their first try, putting them back into the No. 1 spot. Sam and Paul completed the task next and was off to join them. Kenneth and Ryan edged out Karen and Bert, leaving them in last. Celebrating Panama’s top marching band, teams had to perform the same intricate moves the drum majorette did. (Producers must have had a field day putting drunk contestants in front of a loud marching band.) No one nailed it in their first try—no surprise—and by the time night fell nerves were frayed. Sam and Paul eventually completed the task first and departed to locate Jon Montgomery at one of two Panama signs, arriving in first place again. Korey and Ivana’s cab driver went to the other sign location and they were forced to backtrack; in the meantime, Kenneth and Ryan captured second spot. Bert and Karen arrived at the incorrect location too, but Jon had a Mother’s Day gift for Karen: this was a non-elimination Leg, meaning they were still in the mix.

Here’s how the teams finished this Leg of the Race:

  1. Sam and Paul (trip to New Orleans)
  2. Kenneth and Ryan
  3. Adam and Andrea
  4. Ivana and Korey
  5. Karen and Bert (non-elimination Leg)

What did you think of this Leg of the Race? Who do you think will win? Let me know in the comments below.

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Race Canada: Mayhem on Mother’s Day in Panama”

  1. The two sign thing was a perfect trick!

    A task after both the Detour and Roadblock was a surprise and good leg design. But you know it ran way later then production wanted.

    No self-driving this leg. Little surprised nobody got the beer task.

    Kinda annoyed they made 2 of 3 international episodes non-elims but they foreshadowed it with the Mother Day’s thing. Though that means no more saves after this.

    Sympathy from another southpaw to Bert.

    Poor Korey first his bladder then this uniform.

  2. It is called the amazing RACE why should we cheer a team on and become so involved if there is another elimination. Very deflated on the results. Maybe the winners have already been chosen by the judges and therefore when that team doesn’t win then it is an elimination.

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