The Amazing Race Canada: Feeling the squeeze in Saskatchewan

Unless The Amazing Race Canada pulls a fast one on us, there are no more non-elimination Legs left for teams to rely on. Alliances are out the window and it’s every duo for themselves. At least, that’s how I’d play if I was participating in the Race.

Bert and Karen were saved from elimination in Panama, but there would be no respite in Regina when the teams all touched down in the prairie town on Tuesday. Sam and Paul, who have been stellar of late, were the first to leave for the airport with the spectre of the Double U-Turn hanging over all. Kenneth and Ryan were U-Turned by Sam and Paul earlier this season and were looking to return the favour. (I’m really hating how flights have been taken out of the equation so far this season. Part of the fun of splitting up flights was wondering how far ahead or behind teams were.)

I try to avoid including sponsor placement when reviewing The Amazing Race Canada, but Tuesday’s Leg included some pretty great work from BMO; the remaining teams helped hand out freshly-squeezed orange juice to some elementary school kids. The teams were clearly energized by the welcome they received, with Sam and Paul cutting and squeezing their way to completing the task first. The next stop: Rouleau, Sask., where teams met the cast of Corner Gas. Sigh. No, they did not. Hey, CTV, where was that product placement?!

In a stunning and brilliant gamble, Bert and Karen’s map skills paid off when they utilized a gravel road that vaulted them to the Rouleau farm in second place. The Detour offered teams the chance to get down and dirty doing work on the farm. In “Cart,” teams loaded canola seeds into a cart using a conveyor belt; in “Horse,” squads auctioned off animals in front of a crowd. Sam and Paul chose “Cart,” (I would have too) and were off. (Karen and Bert’s Speed Bump took place here as well; the married couple mucked out a horse stall, a relatively easy task that didn’t take long to complete.) Kenneth and Ryan chose “Horse,” and I predicted their gift for gab would serve them well. It took no time at all for them to memorize, perform and close out the bidding on the horse, putting them in first place and Sam and Paul on the brink of a U-Turn placed in front of the Dog River Hotel. Sam and Paul and Andrea and Adam both had their feeders lined up but didn’t know how to turn on the conveyor belt. Andrea and Adam had seeds loaded and ready, so they were a little ahead. Sam and Paul knew they were going to be U-Turned, and I wondered if they would have been allowed to stay at the farm rather than drive into town only to turn around and drive back? I guess the only option they had was to get to the hotel and U-turn someone else or hope another team would do that for them.

Team Giver was in complete control, heading for Moose Jaw with no one in their rearview mirror. Their task? To recreate a giant maple leaf sculpture out of soup cans. Back at the hotel, Ivana and Korey U-Turned Adam and Andrea, pitting two strong teams against one another in the horse auction. That left the road clear for Bert and Karen to advance to Moose Jaw. Kenneth and Ryan were on a roll, departing Crescent Park as Bert and Karen arrived. Korey and Ivana were determined to make up ground and made a critical mistake by stacking one can upside down in the middle of their art. As cans tumbled from Korey and Ivana’s display, Bert and Karen departed followed by Sam and Paul. Korey and Ivana made a huge mess but completed the task, leaving the park and siblings Adam and Andrea surrounded by soup cans and shattered dreams.

At the Road Block, one team member sought out their next clue in the middle of a bee hive: the queen bee. Kenneth had a head start but it was Sam who found the queen in his hive first, taking the lead from Team Giver and headed to the Pit Stop on an airfield surrounded by the Snowbirds air squadron. Sam and Paul arrived in first place yet again, cementing them as the team to beat.

Here’s how the teams finished this Leg of the Race:

  1. Sam and Paul (won a trip to Costa Rica)
  2. Kenneth and Ryan
  3. Karen and Bert
  4. Ivana and Korey
  5. Andrea and Adam (eliminated)

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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One thought on “The Amazing Race Canada: Feeling the squeeze in Saskatchewan”

  1. Dirt roads FTW.
    The task at the school was okay but between that and “all soup labels must be in the shot” the sponsorship tasks are getting even more ham-fisted as it them making international legs non-elim as they have to pay for everyone to come back to Canada anyway.
    The Detour was good, button, button; whose got the button?
    Detour was needle in a haystack tricky but with *live* bugs that move which was good.
    Andre and Adam were stronger of this batch of teams a UTurn functioned correctly.
    Nice turnaround from Karen & Bert.

    Sam and Paul are getting the winner’s edit, Giver the Rivals and Korey & Ivana the 3rd place underdogs.

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