Comments and queries for the week of September 8

I’m so disappointed in Syfy’s decision to cancel Dark Matter!! How can they not see how great this show is?!? Unbelievable. I’m hopeful the outrage from the otherwise quiet and polite fan base can cause them to rethink their decision or perhaps garner some interest from Netflix. —Brian

I’m angry, disappointed and sad. There are few sci-fi series being produced as it is. Fantastic shows with great ratings get cancelled but crappy shows are renewed. It doesn’t make sense at all. I hate that they take Dark Matter away from us, just like I did when Continuum was cancelled. I hope they change their mind … it has happened before. Or else I hope Netflix takes over. —Katrina

Simply, it sucks!! I don’t understand how decisions are made at Syfy. A great show like Dark Matter they cancel and mediocre programming they keep. Netflix, please pickup Dark Matter and allow the Raza Crew a platform to find their true fate. Thanks. —Tony

Some are hoping for streaming networks like Netflix to pick it up or hoping Syfy changes its mind entirely. I am ticked. I remember them cancelling Farscape, Stargate Universe after it got really good too as Dark Matter was doing: climbing in the adventure department. Then. Abrupt cut-off! Boo. What made them renew Killjoys for two seasons? I am curious. I was certain DM was doing even better than KJ. —Maria


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