Comments and queries for the week of September 29

The Season 10 cliffhanger ending, and the opening of Season 11 [of Murdoch Mysteries] were very well done. Political corruption has its roots at the very foundation of this country. As for the death of Slugger Jackson, I suppose it was the choice of Kristian Bruun since he wanted to leave the show. But if I had a choice it would have been Higgins. He has been a thorn in my side almost from Day 1. But the break came when he allowed a prisoner he was watching to go out and get killed. All because of his stupidity. Being stupid can only last so long. He isn’t funny, but unfortunately, just reading his lines. Shame about Bruun as he will be missed. I’ve met him on various Murdoch events and found him to be a great guy with a nice personality. I wish him well in his future endeavours. —Paul

A cliffhanger ending to Season 10. A full range of emotions in the season opener as we went from near tears to jumping out of our seats when Crabtree appeared. Sad to see Jackson go and hope to see Kristian Bruun in other roles soon. Murdoch Mysteries is, without doubt, the best production anywhere and so proud it’s Canadian and promoting our accomplished homegrown actors. —Doug

Loved the season opener! So excited that George and Brackenreid are both alive!! Really enjoyed his reaction when Murdoch saw that George was alive and Brackenreid says ‘I didn’t get that kind of greeting,’ and then Julia says, ‘Neither did I!’ LOL. Great storyline to bring it all together from the season ending! Sad that Jackson had to go as we were just starting to really get to know who he was, perhaps he can visit Higgins as a ghost when Higgins does something stupid (as he always does) and tell him to smarten up! Although Higgins drives me crazy, I think we need him just for times when you just have to roll your eyes!! Love the show! —Jandy

Why, oh why wasn’t it Higgins that died instead of Jackson? His character is so irritating and pretty thick to boot! All the best Kristian. Love from Anne, all the way from England.

I agree with Anne. I wish Higgins had died for the same reasons. He acts like a little kid and never wants to do anything. He always argues with George and it gets irritating after awhile. Jackson was a fresh new cast member who should have stayed on the program. Best of luck to you. —Diana

I could not stop laughing when Julia reappeared (again!) dressed as a man. Brilliant. I felt sad believing Crabtree was really dead—he is such an important part of the show—and then relieved of course. And Watts is growing on me. A really brilliant episode all around to tidy up the mess of the Season 10 finale. Kristian was a fine addition but not as essential as the original cast. —Noele

I was almost ready to abandon the show without Crabtree in it! The plot kept us guessing and on the edge of our seats, hoping things would work out favourably. So sorry to lose Constable Jackson (Kristian Bruun), who had more storyline last season, and became more interesting; wishing you continued success in your career. Maybe you can return and haunt Murdoch! Hard to explain why we become so attached to people in the show; perhaps it’s the great acting which makes it seem so real. Looking forward to the rest of the season, but my heart can’t stand too many more cliffhangers!! —Deborah

The series “The Wild Canadian Year” is sensational. The photography is beyond belief. Congratulations to all involved and huge applause to the photographers. —Arlene

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  1. Best season opener in the shows history for me. Outstanding from the writers to the actors sad to see Jackson died but loved the fact that the magnificent 4 are still strong. Loved the Bromance between William and George. The bad ass attitude of Julia kicking the guy in his crown jewels(Brackenreid would of said that)
    Thankyou for this rollercoaster of a ride. Which has been pure magic for 11seasons long may it continue

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