Old ghosts haunt Georgie on Heartland

After months away from Heartland, it sure was good to go back there this past Sunday, wasn’t it? Being introduced to little Lyndy was fantastic, Ty going overboard to keep her safe was sweet and Georgie bonding with Flame was endearing.

But what about some of our other favourite characters? Where were Cass and Caleb? What about Lisa and Lou? Would this week’s episode, “Highs and Lows,” sate our thirst for more screen time for those four? As showrunner Heather Conkie told us, a lot would happen this week and she wasn’t fibbing! Here’s what the CBC released as an episode synopsis:

The family bands together to support Georgie (Alisha Newton) as she decides whether to face a ghost from her past or leave it behind. Amy (Amber Marshall) is forced to be a tough coach as she tries to get Georgie to refocus on her training. Meanwhile, Tim (Chris Potter) tries to evict an unwanted guest from the Dude Ranch, and Jack (Shaun Johnston) can’t help but be suspicious when Lisa (Jessica Steen) receives a gift from France.

And here’s what else we can tell you about the episode—written by Mark Haroun and directed by Grant Harvey—after watching a screener.

Back on horseback
Now that Lyndy’s been born, Amy is riding again; this is the second week in a row!

Jack + mystery flowers = fun for Tim
We love it when Tim and Jack go at each other, and the younger man has a little fun at the older gent’s expense thanks to those flowers from France. Who are they from? What does it mean? Mon Dieu! The result is some quality time between Jack and Lisa that fans will love.

Things get serious for Georgie
Forget Val’s expectations when it comes to show jumping … something huge from Georgie’s past comes back and she’s got to face it. Luckily, Amy and the rest of the family—including Peter—come to Georgie’s aid with advice, support and plenty of hugs. Alisha Newton is simply stellar in her performance.

Dylan Taylor guest stars
We’re still smarting over the fact What Would Sal Do? isn’t getting a second season, but it was a bit of balm to see Dylan on Canadian TV playing a central character in Georgie’s storyline.

Ty goes back to work
It was about time, wasn’t it? That means Caleb and Cass find their way into this week’s episode and we get an update on their marriage.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of Andrew Bako/CBC.