Mr. D: Suresh John previews Malik’s Episode 2 backstory reveal

After seven seasons on the air, Mr. D fans will finally get a glimpse into Mr. Malik’s backstory during Tuesday night’s episode. Actor Suresh John says viewers were informed Mr. Malik had a sister earlier in the show’s run but will find out more about her during “Gerry Rigs PTA,” when they tune in tomorrow at 9:30 p.m.

“It’s definitely a Malik-heavy episode,” John says. We won’t spoil anything, but Malik is showcased in one long scene—while “Sad Eyes” by Robert John plays—making what will be a life-changing event. Does he go through with it? Tune in.

John landed the role of Mr. Malik after auditioning via Skype. At the time, there were three actors up the role—one actor with a Russian angle, one with a Latin take and John (“With whatever I am,” he jokes.)—and the CBC liked his performance the best. A week later, he was in Halifax filming Episode 2 of Season 1.

As for Season 7, the upcoming year marks a bit of a storyline shakeup for the veteran Canadian comedy. Episode 1 revealed Lisa (Lauren Hammersley) has gotten married and is Alex’s stepmom, and she’s gunning for the staff at Xavier, particularly Gerry (Gerry Dee). Meanwhile, Bobbi (Naomi Sniekus) is about to give birth to her and Robert’s (Jonathan Torrens) baby; that means Gerry is taking over the Phys Ed. department. And Paul Dwyer (Wes Williams) is struggling in his new role as vice principal at Xavier Academy, preferring to befriend the students sent to his office rather than discipline them.

“We also have one new teacher,” John teases. “He’s the new economics teacher, Dave, played by Dave Merheje and he’s sort of the staff room foil to the office romantics. The good thing about being set in a school is that you can have teacher and student turnover and it makes sense.” He adds Malik spends a lot of time in the staff room and interacts with Bobbi and Robert once their baby is born. The changes, John says, take Mr. D in directions the award-winning series has never gone before and explores sides of the characters we love. As for creating his own characters via writing his own series? John’s not interested.

“I like to do the Samuel L. Jackson, sitting in the trailer eating sandwiches and no aspirations of directing or writing,” he says with a laugh. “It’s a lot of work.”

Mr. D airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBC

Image courtesy of CBC.