Preview: A traveler on trial on Travelers

To me, the mark of a good episode is it causes discussion. And boy, did last week’s episode of Travelers do that. “17 Minutes” was a hit for some and a massive miss for others. Arguments were made it was one of the best storylines so far while an equal amount of folks hated the Groundhog Day theme and fast-forwarded to the end to watch the conclusion.

But on to this week’s instalment, “Traveler 0027,” written by Ashley Park and directed by Amanda Tapping. Here’s what Showcase has released synopsis-wise ahead of Monday’s broadcast:

After receiving an unusual message to attend a court proceeding, the travelers find that one of their own is on trial for conspiring against The Director and interrupting the Grand Plan.

And here is some additional information we can divulge after watching a screener.

Who is Traveler 0027?
If you’ve been paying attention—and I know you have—it’s Grace Day, who has taken some major liberties with timelines and other folks’ fates since her illegal arrival in 2017 among them resetting Marcy. Now she is forced to atone for her actions. Actress Jennifer Spence turns in one hell of a performance.

Where is the Quantum Frame?
That’s the mission for MacLaren and the team this week and it involves nabbing a trio of soldiers to help with that. And as serious as Travelers has been, story-wise, of late the show’s writers still find time to throw a funny line into scenes. That’s not easy but they make it appear that way.

Philip is fumbling
Now that the future is in turmoil all of Philip’s encyclopedic knowledge is kind of useless. He’s feeling down in the dumps about his self-worth; can Carly pull him out of his funk?

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Image courtesy of Corus.