Comments and queries for the week of December 8

I missed A Christmas Fury! So disappointed! Will it be repeated again before a Christmas? —Stella

Good news Stella and all those other folks who emailed to ask me this question: A Christmas Fury is available to stream on CBC’s website!

I found last night’s presentation of A Christmas Fury to be thoroughly enjoyable and extremely hilarious! I was reminded of how great Hatching Matching and Dispatching is and how disappointed and saddened I was when it was cancelled in 2005-2006. Hopefully, enough viewers saw A Christmas Fury to generate interest in reviving Hatching Matching and Dispatching and finally releasing the first and only season on DVD along with the aforementioned A Christmas Fury. —Ray

I’m a big fan of Murdoch Mysteries. I would like to know the name of the song that Eva Pearce sang on the “Cometh the Archer” episode. Thank you! —Angela

Wasn’t that a creepy scene? We still get shivers! The song Eva sings to William is “Henry Lee,” a traditional folk song that dates back to 18th century Scotland.

I do not think Frankie Drake Mysteries will be as well loved as Murdoch Mysteries. In the beginning, I was thinking FD was going to replace MM. Hopefully, that is not the case. Then again I’m thinking that maybe Murdoch Mysteries‘ actors may not want to work on the series for a 12th season. Hopefully, that is not the case. Perhaps the writers want to go forward … hence Frankie Drake. Murdoch Mysteries has a LARGE fan base. I personally cannot get into Frankie Drake Mysteries. —Ellen


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