Preview: Travelers closes out Season 2 with a shocking finale

This is it Travelers fans. The second season finale is upon us here in Canada on Showcase. The rest of the world gets to see these 12 instalments beginning on Dec. 26 and can bask in the brilliance of the writing and performances we’ve seen this year.

Were you as shocked as I was when last week’s episodes revealed Marcy once worked for Vincent and that the woman David met in Episode 1, Season 1, had been affected by Vincent’s experiments? Yeah, we didn’t see that coming either, and that’s a testament to creator Brad Wright and his writing team; they just keep throwing curve balls at us. Now the season finale is here with two back-to-back episodes on Showcase.

Here’s what the network has revealed about Monday’s first episode, “Simon,” written by Jason Whiting and directed by Will Waring:

When the team meets Simon, a homeless man with a startling history, they’re led down a path that leads directly to the very first traveler.

Here’s what the network says about the second instalment, “001,” written by Ken Kabatoff and directed by series star Eric McCormack:

In the season finale, the travelers must follow the rules of a madman in order to rescue their kidnapped loved ones and ensure the traveler program isn’t exposed to the world.

And we’ve some info on both episodes after we watched screeners. Bonus: we’ve got some sweet images to share too!

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“Simon” sends us back to 2012 and gives a bit more background on Kat and Mac’s relationship and Vincent, who they literally bump into while attending a soirée. Of course, neither of them can know how much Vincent will impact on their lives at this juncture in the story and we’re given the opportunity to see a more fleshed-out Vincent.

Who drew that half-moon design on the sidewalk?
David and Marcy discovered the sketch last week; on Sunday we learn who did it and other pieces of art. The artist, Simon, becomes a pet project for Vincent. Like Jason on Continuum, it’s the supposedly crazy person who knows the real truth and that’s the case with Simon on Travelers. Pay attention to him because he knows stuff and has seen a lot.

Philip visions are getting worse
I really feel badly for Philip. First, he was addicted to drugs. Now he has to take them to keep his visions of other futures at bay. How tough a gig is that?! Plus, he’s got a crush on Carly. Nope, like is not easy for Philip.

Does the truth come out?
In the opening moments of “001,” it sure seems as though Mac blows the lid off who really is and what he’s doing in 2017. Why he does it is the key to Episode 12 and will have you yelling “Oh my gosh!”—or something stronger—at your TV around the 40-minute mark.

What is Vincent’s plan?
We don’t want to ruin it for you, but will say that not one person involved with our travelers is safe from Vincent’s reach. What happens during the last episode is so shocking and final that I’m not sure how Wright can turn it around in Season 3. But I’ve got my fingers crossed we get to find out thanks to a renewal.

Travelers‘ Season 2 finale airs Monday at 9 and 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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26 thoughts on “Preview: Travelers closes out Season 2 with a shocking finale”

  1. I have to say this program really hit its stride this season. Although I watched and enjoyed season 1, I wasn’t really invested in the characters or the show until this season got going. The only bad thing about season 2 is that it is going to be over soon!

      1. Oh, that would be a shame, this is one of the more intriguing shows out there. A pure joy to watch.

      2. I hope. This is what i dont like in those series. You get so envolved on it . And then they just stop it. No fair at all.
        This is really a good show. I hope it will come back .

  2. The Director obviously let a lot of things happen – if it didn’t want the program exposed, it could’ve overwritten the five travelers at any time before things got out of hand.

    Vincent claims the Director has no compassion but if it didn’t, why did it let our five travelers do what they did to save their loved ones? To smoke out Vincent?

    Because of the change in future due to the Travelers program being revealed, does it mean that the Director is no longer necessary and that humanity’s future is secure even though these five may have paid a price? I suppose that’s one ending if the show is not renewed anymore.

    But otherwise I think the Director saw this coming and it decided to let it go for specific reasons. Maybe the travelers will be accepted and welcomed after all.

  3. This is one of the best SCi Fi Time Travel Shows of all …. Time! 3 ex Continuum actors gives this a real experience feel for the genre. If this show is not renewed I am coming back in 2020 and sucking the brains of the producers thru my NutriBullit 5200 Series blender.

    1. Fully agree with this comment. The internal story consistency is amazing and very believable. I have read and watched a lot of sci-fi and its normally quite difficult to let the plot holes and inconsistencies slide. On this show, I have been having difficulty spotting them. My only concern is that great sci-fi like this does not last more than 2-3 seasons (too much thinking involved for some folk)

  4. I just love this show! Spoiler Alert : So, at the season finale- we see that both Simon and Vincent have taken over other bodies.. using the new machine that Simon has built. Assuming Simon built another machine just like the Director (since he built the first one in the future).. does having a second machine now in the 20th century mean that the Director doesn’t exist? Will this machine replace the Director? Or do they both exist? Also- what will happen with Simon who has now replaced Vincent? Will he now assume some of the mad-man traits? Or is that purely 001’s traits? Can’t wait for Season 3!!!!!

    1. It sounds like you misunderstood some things. First, let’s be clear that there are three different kinds of big-idea “machines” involved here:

      1. A consciousness-transfer machine. In the future, at first machines like this are used to transfer the consciousnesses of people like Trevor from one body to another, but staying in the same time frame. Once that was perfected, they developed…

      2. A time-travel machine. This is an expansion of the consciousness-transfer machine that can also send the consciousness back through time.

      3. The Director. This is a massive A.I. that calculates what needs to happen to save humanity and directs humans in the best way to use the first two machines, as well as what missions to carry out.

      Simon did not build a duplicate of the Director, and he probably did not even build a time machine. All we know for sure is that he built another consciousness-transfer device.

      Vincent used this device to transfer into his therapist. *SHE* is the new Vincent, not Simon.

      We can’t even say that Simon used the machine. What we saw was him lying on the machine, *waiting* to use it, while having hallucinations of a Vincent who wasn’t really there. All of Vincent’s promises to “fix” Simon were either (a) lies by Vincent just to get Simon to build the machine, or (b) delusions in Simon’s head.

  5. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if the show gets cancelled. During the second season it took a similiar way as ‘Person of Interest’ in its 3rd and fourth season. Instead of concentrating on fixing the future, our travelers have to fight against personal problems and two major enemies, the ‘Faction’ and Mr. Ingram. Which led to about 8 more or less mediocre episodes in season two, where I seriously asked myself if the writers team was constantly on vacation because they did so good on season 1. Now the last three or four episodes got some drive back, but still, the original mission was to find out what causes the worlds degradation and to fix it.
    I loved season one, it was fast, well played, well written, with interesting characters, a surprise. Especially the concept itself elevated it from other time travel stories, since sending consciousnesses through time instead of matter, which would need a nearly infinite amount of power, simply made sense. We do that all the time by remembering. And my, was that (mostly) well done !
    Season two, instead, went in the wrong direction. I fear, it lost a lot of audience. And when Simon came into the game, I was embarassed because we had a mad, but genious time travelling engineer in ‘Continuum’, so, this character was completely copied from there . I did like ‘Continuum’ though, but Kiras constantly present ‘I wanna go home to my son’ whinig annoyed me, so I already may have had a bad feeling, when McLaren was announced to have a child.
    ‘Travelers’ made the same mistake as its protagonists, it got involved with too many details of our current world, losing the big picture that could bind us to the screen, waiting for every episode to reveal something terrifying and new. Which didn’t happen in the first eight episodes of season two, sorry !
    Now with Agent McLaren slapped in the face by his wife, that could be a proper allegorical conclusion, before the show gets a third installment that would ruin it completely.

    1. I honestly don’t understand what you were watching. I was so riveted I watched the entire season in two days. I couldn’t stop. So “mediocre” is an unfathomable adjective to apply to this season. That’s how I would describer season1 in comparison. I *enjoyed* the first season, but I didn’t feel wholly invested in the characters the way I do now.

      1. Exactly how I felt. I was utterly captivated to the point where I found myself literally sneaking away at work for 10-15 minutes at a time during the course of the day just to catch a few more minutes of whatever episode I happened to be on. I thought season 2 was easily as strong, if not stronger, than season 1, if only because I cared about the protagonists so much more this season. They grew on me bit by bit during S1, but they just popped this season. I hope and pray for as many seasons as they can keep this level of storytelling up for.

  6. 1. Why did the director not intervene to prevent the “travelers” program from being made public.

    2. If Philip was given memories of the now altered timeline, and his knowledge his knowledge is one again quiet ‘historically’ accurate, accurate enough to know the moment Carly was going to beat her husband to death. How is he not aware of the travelers program being made public?

    I hope the writers can explain this and still maintain the internal logic of the show. Can’t wait for season 3.

    1. Seems to me Phillip never knows about major events that completely change the timeline, because he gets his info from the still mostly intact timeline. While Carly’s actions were in line with the current timeline, this future obviously didn’t include a 001 win, given that the director and the traveller program were still intact…

      1. From what I understood Phillip was given new info about the altered timeline, small and big events, when he went to the meeting of the historians and opened memory chain 1A. This is the reason he could once again predict correct lottery numbers and knew exactly when to intervene when Carly was about to kill Jeff. In the meeting they introduced protocol “2H” so I can I only assume he was forbidden to reveal any new information about the altered timeline, but still it just does not seem likely that he would not intervene to protect the Travellers secret. I hope their is a grand design and this is all part of the Directors grand plan. Their is absolutely no excuse for the Director to not intervene otherwise.

  7. IMHO Director couldn’t touch Vincent because he’d ‘shielded’ himself from being found, BUT, despite changing bodies in S2 Finale, Vincent has had to come out of hiding, and Director will overwrite somebody or whatever prior to the media release to eliminate the Travellers’ media exposure, and voila, Season 3 is re-set for the team to go after Vincent in a very epic war back and forth. YAHOO, eh.

    1. OR – the exposure will be branded as “fake news”, just another of the 100s of 1,000s of ‘conspiracy’ videos on youtube and social media.

  8. Love it……..with that said……still wondered….why FBI agent said oh not again when told where to find them over the phone. Also now that 001 is the Dr and a she, will she keep both kids, her son and the orig dr daughter? I do feel Grace is not the Grace we knew, she came back into the room very docile and as they were being herded out of the room to leave, she was in back of room holding a computer screen as if showing someone all the movement? Certainly hope the writers have more to give us for a 3rd season, it is now getting to the morality of ….who is the good guys…the computer or the teams that think more should be put into decision making than just 01010101010101.

  9. I loved the mix of the traveler trying to fit into a roll they rolled into. The first season the where definitely priority to missions from the director had the people from the future almost completely ignored the familie the the guest candidate they selected was more on skills or positions in politics weir mostly chosen

    The second season had some good good fast paced travelers only miss ion but there came more free time which is used to strengthen the and between the team member and their inherited family and seeing their struggles En how they still care for the team. It now prepared a solide base for a third season. A lot of potential and it probably will be used to bring them all stronger in the end. Probably with personal choices between love and knowing the partner is from the future. Just hope it won’t be any cliche twist. But I have faith after the writings of the last 2 seasons

  10. The season finale was awful, unbelievable and unforgivable. The writers gave up and so will I. Pleas do not bring back for another mediocre season.

    1. Fully agree! The season finale destroyed my good mood. I do not want even wach anything else today on Netflix. I always laughed at people for whining about disappointing TV Show finales, but now I understand. This was the worst TV experience of my life. WTF just happened?

      1. I was shocked by the finale but I could not hate it. Completely believable, and shows what a mastermind Vincent is. He had this thing all planned out multiple steps in advance, including … [POSSIBLE SEASON 3 SPOILER, TURN AWAY NOW] … tricking the Director into overwriting his empty shell of a former body. I believe we are going to find out next season that Vincent instructing his henchman to put his former body “back on the grid” was a masterful tactic to get the Director to create a T.E.L.L. event at that moment in time, thus forever blocking the possibility of sending somebody back any further that than to try to undo what Vincent has done.

  11. Just finished watching the 2nd season and I sure hope there is a will really took my chain if I do not find out what happened to the 5 relationships and how the world accepts/rejects the travelers

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