Preview: Murdoch Mysteries rings a bell for … murder?

Last Monday, “Biffers and Blockers,” written by Dan Trotta revealed that—at long last—Julia is pregnant. It also introduced us to Rupert Newsome and showed how Higgins is faring as an upper-class citizen thanks to Ruth Newsome. It was an episode filled with funny moments.

This coming Monday, things take a decidedly darker turn. Here’s what the CBC has to say about “Mary Wept,” written by Noelle Girard and directed by Megan Follows:

Murdoch investigates when a statue of the Virgin Mary gifted to his church begins miraculously weeping.

And, as always, we’ve got more info to share after watching a screener.

Welcome, Sophia Walker
A member of the Canadian Film Centre’s 2016 Actors Conservatory, Sophia Walker guest-stars as Josephine Beatty, a woman at the centre of “Mary Wept.” You can read up on Walker’s past work via the CFC’s website, but she’s done a ton of theatre work as well as appearing in 12 Monkeys and Rookie Blue.

Welcome back Det. Watts, Violet Hart and GEORGE CRABTREE
Det. Watts and Violet Hart answer the call this week and play key roles in the murder case. Meanwhile, George’s jaunt in Paris is over and he’s back at Station House No. 4. Turns out the City of Light has affected him in many ways and we get to hear all about it. Also, Higgins plans a life-changing event.

William and Julia head to church
I can’t remember the last time William’s religion was the focus of a Murdoch Mysteries storyline (I’m betting readers will let me know.) but it’s front and centre in “Mary Wept.” It’s also the opportunity for Julia to take a playful jab at attending a church service. As an aside, Harry Judge—who last appeared in the 2011 episode “Kommando” as Matthew Larson—guests as Father McGray. Regarding the weeping statue of the Virgin Mary … there is more to that than first appears. Of course.

You gotta have faith
Is the weeping Virgin Mary a miracle or something more sinister? The image above may give you a clue, but the whole case is the opportunity to discuss religion in general and faith specifically. It’s interesting to hear the opinions of everyone involved in the main storyline and may leave you reflecting on your own beliefs.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.