Comments and queries for the week of January 26

I am dismayed by the lack of [Canadian Screen Award] nominations for Murdoch Mysteries. Yannick Bisson has finally received recognition for his role. Why was Hélène Joy’s name omitted from the Audience Choice Award? She and Natasha N. were both in the Top 3 along with the talented Mr. B. Why only put his name up and leave out Hélène and Natasha? Weird. Weird. Weird. Lots of the names chosen were weird. Reality TV is now a category and included in Audience Choice? Why? —Bonnie

Just because [William and Julia] have a baby doesn’t mean the baby has to be featured in every episode. I really hate episodes that cause terrible sadness. The stories need to stay about mystery and crime. Personally, as a side story, I think it would be so funny for the Murdochs, Ruth and Henry and George and Nina to all have babies around the same time. —Linda

I fully agree with your comments about Hélène Joy and Yannick Bisson. Their work is consistently good and has been enough to keep the show going for 11 seasons so far. To pigeonhole them into competition for a single episode, albeit a two-hour special, doesn’t allow the award folks to see the range and depth of their acting as it plays out during the entire season. Regardless of whether it is the studio or others limiting them, it is grossly unfair to these two very fine actors. —Mary


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