Preview: Burden of Truth digs deep into “Family Ties”

Well, things have certainly taken a turn on Burden of Truth. After soil samples fingered the local steel mill as the likely culprit when it came to burying canisters of toxic goop under the soccer field, Joanna and Billy were run off the road. Things are getting serious and if they’re not careful, deadly.

As I said last week, I’ve been really impressed with this first season of Burden of Truth. Aside from the storytelling, the drama is slowly being ratcheted up week-to-week, infusing all with a sense of dread. Wednesday’s new episode, “Family Ties,” is the last one before a three-week hiatus during the Winter Olympics. Here’s what the CBC has revealed as an official synopsis:

Convinced that the local steel mill and its owner, Ben Matheson, are responsible for the barrels Joanna and Billy go after him but don’t have enough to make the allegation stick.

And here’s some more information after watching a preview of the episode, written by Shannon Masters and directed by Jordan Canning.

Oh the irony
It’s fascinating to me that Ben Matheson, of Matheson Steel, loathes co-operating with Joanna and Billy despite the fact his own chemicals could be making his daughter, Taylor, sick. What kind of man would put profit over the health of his own child or the children of Millwood? Of course, the growing case is dividing the town between concerned parents and those worried about losing their jobs.

Jessica Matten co-stars
I was wondering how long it would be until Jessica Matten appeared on Burden of Truth. The Blackstone and Frontier actress makes an immediate impression as Gerrilyn Spence, Luna’s mom, who isn’t too keen on her daughter’s new job. Undaunted, Luna persists, and we get an important peek into her First Nations background and learn what she and Joanna have in common.

Molly makes a big decision
A fracas outside of the Millwood courthouse leads to a discussion between Molly and Billy, and she decides what to do regarding putting her name at the top of the court filing. But will a sudden gesture by a surprising source derail those plans?

Joanna makes a BIGGER decision
A visitor to Millwood attempts to persuade Joanna to return to Toronto. What happens next turns the entire case—and Joanna’s legal future—on its head.

Burden of Truth airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

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  1. Excellent series. Sorry hiatus because of Olympics leaving me in suspense for three weeks. More programmes like this please.

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