Comments and queries for the week of March 23

I was so touched by William’s and Julia’s reconciliation [on Murdoch Mysteries]. It warmed my heart, and I could see that their relationship has only strengthened. It’s good for them to take that trip together since it will give them time to heal together. Yannick’s and Hélène’s acting, as well the entire cast’s, were amazing beyond words. Will there be any stories arising out of their trip or from their previous one to the Galapagos? Maybe George will find the woman that his truly for him … maybe Julia’s sister, or is she too much of a free spirit? I absolutely love this show and have been watching it for a long time now. When I first started watching it, it got me through a difficult time in my life. Looking forward to Season 12!!! (P.S. I also hope that Pendrick and Terrence Myers return!) —Linda

My daughter thinks Violet gave a suspicious drink to Julia!! Now why would she do that?? —Karen

If Violet truly wants to take over the morgue, it wouldn’t make sense for her to induce the loss of Julia’s baby. I’m sure quite the opposite is true. If Julia is not in the lab due to maternity leave, then it would be much easier for Violet to take over. You must understand that up until fairly recently, women were not allowed to work if they were married or had a family. My own mother-in-law had to quit her job at Eaton’s when she got married. She was only 25 and the year was 1946! She never really recovered her self-esteem for the rest of her life. She was an excellent homemaker and mother, but I still think she had a lot of regrets about not having a career. “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” —Kathryn

Terrible episode! :( As if the writers went crazy by the end of the season. Bitter, destructive, bleak, depressing. There are a lot of other shows with this kind of intrigue and negativity (and I don’t watch them for a reason), it’s just not Murdoch Mysteries. —Erinah

Whew! Great ending. Couldn’t have made it through the summer without that reconciliation kiss between William and Julia. Looking forward to Season 12. Thank you to the cast and writers. —Sharon

The mysteries are intriguing, but I like the stories of the characters also. Murdoch Mysteries is the best show on TV. —Barb


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  1. When will season 11 be for sale ? I need it to add to my collection, as well as this season’s Christmas special. Can’t wait for season 12. Thank you.

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